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Steven asks…

How do I tone up and look like someone from mens health?

Basically at the current second I am happy with my body and how it is, i want to look more like someone from mens health, so here are my questions which id be grateful for if anyone answered them :)

How many Reps/sets ideally should i be doing, and should i struggle so much on the last rep i almost fail?

How many times a day should i drink a protein shake?

any other tips/ nutrition advice for me?

Much appreciated.

dknol answers:

You must realize that those men in the fitness magazines were hand picked from thousands of candidates. The requirements for those men are quite stringent. It is expected that they have a certain degree of muscularity and have the basic body structure that will show off a well developed physique. Have you ever noticed that when a new piece of exercise equipment is introduced it is presented with a male model with fantastic muscular development. We are supposed to believe that he got that way using only this new, just introduced, piece of equipment, when in reality it took him several years to acquire his physique. So… Can you look like one of those guys? The answer is yes, if you have the dedication, time and persistence that it took them to look as good as they do.
What you ask depends on your starting point. How muscular are you now? What is your body composition as far as structure, muscularity and fat? Is your weight in proportion with your height?
Are you healthy enough to undertake a strenuous exercise program? Do you need to add some muscle bulk before you start more aerobic exercises to get the cut, hard body look? To give you a meaningful answer that applies to your situation these factors would have to be known. I could suggest you do these exercises and eat that supplement but it would only be a shot in the dark. Sorry but give more details and I would be happy to give you suggestions.

Chris asks…

Which is better to eat after a workout; chicken or red meat?

In terms of muscle gain, or which is healthier.
Chicken has L-Arginine which would aid in testosterone production and red meat has the Creatine which would help you improve faster for the next workout. Red meats like beef, not pork. Pork is bad.
So I would like some input from any one who works out or anyone who is knowledgeable in nutrition. The same question is posted under health and fitness but I wanted a more scientific answer.

dknol answers:

Personally i would go with chicken or fish because its easier to digest so the proteins go into your blood faster however i still believe in a good protien shake try doing a google search for muscle and fittnes magazine online its quite interesting

Jenny asks…

What would you put in a health and fitness magazine questionnaire?

dknol answers:

I'd probably lie lol

George asks…

Are health publications a deductible medical expense? What about investment publications?

Doing my mom's taxes right now. She subscribes to a lot of health publications such as Harvard Health Letter and Food & Fitness Advisor. She also subscribes to financial investing publications such as Bottom Line and Kiplinger's. Are these considered deductible expenses? If so, where do I list them on Schedule A?

dknol answers:


The health magazines are not deductible.

The investment magazines could be considered an investment expense – line 23 of your Sch A, 1040. But that figure/total has to exceed 2% of AGI and then the total of your Sch A has to exceed the standard deduction.

I'll save you a lot of time. It's not going to happen.

Hope you got 'em done today!

Good Luck!

Mark asks…

Why are magazines so contradictory about diets and food?

Why do magazines dedicate so much space to diets and quick fixes and diet products, yet on the next page it's all “Love your shape the way you are! Be confident!”, Chocolate cake recipes, advertisements for unhealthy food?

dknol answers:

The magazines I read sure don't offer quick fixes, they want you to live and lead a healthy lifestyle, and to be body confident, and if they do give recipes it's for healthier versions of your favorite foods, and the advertisers pay money for their magazine so I'm sure they'll take what they can get, try Shape, Fitness, Health :)

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