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Donald asks…

Is milk a good diet for gaining/retaining muscle but still being fat concious?

I'm a 15 year old male and I have been trying to gain muscle size and strength on my upper body. I have been working out for around 7 weeks (failure type workouts) and have noticed good results (including my abs).

However, I have also noticed a bit more fat in my face, and I was wondering if that was due to how much milk I have been drinking. I try to get around 6 glasses of skim milk each and every day (which is around 100% of my daily protein intake). Would that also be a good diet if I was to just drink skim milk and low calorie foods so that I keep my fat ration down and my muscle gaining protein up?

I'm asking this because I read in Men's Fitness magazine that milk is the best kind of supplement because of its high protein and low caloric intake.

If I don't have the right set of mind, let me know what I can do to resolve this problem.

Thanks much.

dknol answers:

Sounds like to me you are on the right course, the magazine has a lot of good features in it and I'm sure they would not lead you in the wrong direction and besides, this is what we are taught even when we are youngsters in health class.

Steven asks…

How to get rid of this online advertisement?

I am on the seventeen magazine website in the health+sex+fitness section looking at workouts. I am trying to scroll through them but there is an online advertisement in the way. I am on a mac and there is no X button to get rid of it, so i can only see 4 workouts. How can i get rid of it???

dknol answers:

Hello Bexie;

Yea there is a good way to get rid of ..

Firefox is proving to be a much better browser and there are “ADD ON's” that will eliminate all that junk and you can focus on what you wish. The add on's are rated so you choose which would be better.

Good luck


William asks…

Can someone name some good mens fitness magazine?

I'd like to know some magazines that have the least advertisements of supplements or anything related.

dknol answers:

Men's Health

Men's Fitness

Muscle and Fitness

Men's Workout

Laura asks…

What are the best dieting/fitness magazines?

I was at the gym the other day reading magazines that had dieting tips, as well as some for moderate exercise. What kinds of magazines have dieting/healthy eating tips? Thanks.

dknol answers:

If you're in the US, I suggest:
-Women's Health

I subscribe to the last three and buy Women's Health occasionally. I'm 18 and female. :)

James asks…

what is a good bodybuilding magazine to subscribe to?

I am trying to figure out which bodybuilding (or fitness in general) magazine is better. please explain why you thing its better than others. thx a lot!

dknol answers:

There are several that I may buy. I suggest that you look at all of them to see which is best for you.
The oldest is “Iron Man” that was founded in 1936 by Peary Rader. John Balik took it over when Rader retired in 1984 or 1986.
“Muscular Development” was founded in 1964 by Bob Hoffman who also published “Strength & Health” since the 1930s. “S&H” folded when Hoffman died, but “MD” has new owners.
Joe Wieder of Canada founded “Muscle Builder” and “Mr. America” magazines in the 1950s. Their titles have changed respectively to “Muscle & Fitness” and “Flex”. “Flex” is a more hardcore bodybuilding magazine than “M&F”, but both may have valuable info.
Robert Kennedy was born in England but moved to Canada. There he began “MuscleMag” in 1974. I have some 1970s issues of it plus the latest one. He also publishes a ladies' fitness mags and “American Curves” with photos of fit women.
Jeff Everson offers “Planet Muscle”, and I won a free subscription to it some years ago when it was new. It's the newest barbell mag for men. His former wife Corrie Kneuer-Eversson was Miss Olympia several times 1984-1990.
I buy “Flex” and “MuscleMag” most often, but I buy some of all of these mags.

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