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Susan asks…

What would be the best choice for me if I want a fitness magazine subscription?

I'm hunting around for some weightloss help and in the past, reading fitness and weightloss magazines have really helped me. I used to have a subscription before I forgot to renew it and thus got fat again, and I cannot recall the name of it. Any suggestions as to which magazine would be my best choice? Thanks!

dknol answers:

There are a lot of good choices in fitness/weight loss magazines. Some best-sellers/most popular are: Women's Health, Weight Watchers, Shape, Oxygen, Fitness and Health.

My personal fave is Health magazine.

Ken asks…

What is so special about whole grain bread?

Lately, all of the fitness magazines, diet plans, etc. have been claiming that whole grain bread is very healthy and is good with weight loss and along side a healthy diet. Why? What is so healthy about it? All of these health conscious people are suddenly turning whole grain and I don't understand why? Is it just some fad? Is it some scam from the corporate companies so the consumer by the more expensive bread thus enhancing their profits? What is it? What is suddenly so good about ‘whole grain bread'? Any answers are appreciated, thanks.

dknol answers:

I partially think that it is a fad, but it is also filled with carbohydrates that are easier to break down than those in white, wheat, etc bread, so it doesn't turn to fat, your body stores it for energy rather than turning to fat, since most carbohydrates do that, they break down into fat, this is good for energy.

Maria asks…

Will drinking with meals make me gain weight?

I know this probably sounds like a really stupid but I'm a bit confused.

About last year, I set out in changing my eating habits in an attempt to lose weight – the basic things really, eat more fruits & vegetables, less saturated fat etc.

One other thing I started doing, after reading something in the ‘Health & Fitness‘ section of a magazine, was drinking a glass/bottle of water about 30-20 minutes before eating instead of with the actual meal itself.

Now that I've managed to achieve a healthy size should I still keep this up or will drinking with meals again it make me gain weight?

dknol answers:

The drinking of water with or before a meal is to help you fill up quicker and eat less… The suggestion to drink prior to eating a meal is actually similar to being told to eat slowly… Your body needs time to react and send the signal to your brain that it is full… If you drink a glass of water 20-30 minutes prior to a meal it has already noticed the increased amount of substance so when you begin eating you won't have to think about eating slowly…

So does it matter is you drink with your meal rather than prior… Will you gain back weight… No… Just remember to eat slowly… And be conscious of portion size… If you only sit down with a proper sized portion you won't have to worry about eating too much…

Thomas asks…

How effective do you think this workout will be?

On tuesdays and fridays I'm going to the gym to do 45 minutes of cardio.

I'm doing 30-60 minutes of pilates daily

I'm basically only eating veggies and fruits with dip like ranch, wheat toast for breakfeast, and ramen noodles a few times a week.

I also bought a fitness magazine and a yoga magazine with some great workouts for me that I'll throw in there a few times a week, I don't stick to a schedule well, so It's best I just have a basic platform and throw stuff in.

I've also cut junk out of my diet completely because I really want this to work.

I do some basic arm exercises with 5-15 pound weights. 3-4 times a week.

I don't workout on Sunday.

So please any input, how succesful do you think this will be, how much weight will I lose in a month, anything you think I should add to make this more succesful.

I'm not counting calories or anything just eating healthier and after I'm down to my goal weight I probably won't exercise as much daily but I still plan
on eating the same stuff

with just a little more indulgence :-].

dknol answers:

You're doing a LOT of cardio and no time for rest. Your body required rest to gain proper health benefits. There are no advantages to working out like this more than 5 times a week. You're going to burn out.

Your diet is lacking and unhealthy. It is completely unbalanced and you will start to digest your own muscles for lack of protein.

May or may not be any benefit to your arm work outs, you don't explain enough.

No one can answer what your weight lost will be. I have no idea your metabolic rate, caloric need, caloric burn, exercise duration or intensity.

You are operating VERY dangerous, with to little information. This is how most people harm themselves. Please book at the very least a consultation with a certified personal trainer to get yourself on track. What you have laid out is not a healthy or balanced routine.

Sharon asks…

What is minimum amount of cardio I should do?

I want to be fit. If you are not educated in health and fitness, please keep your two cents to yourself, I prefer to hear from experts.

dknol answers:

My ideas? Try to do 200 minutes of cardio a week. Remember fat does not turn into muscle, so you need to lose your fat while putting on muscle. Work hard, but don't over 60 minutes at a time. Do planks and other abs exercises on alternate days.

On training days, do 5-10 minutes of cardio to warm up, then do your weight training. Do 30 to 60 minutes more of cardio, then go home.

The best time to eat is just after your workout within an hour when your metabolism is raging. For your muscles, incorporate some isolated soy protein or whey protein. Whey is more potent but the soy tastes better!

Don't look at your scale as the be all and end all, but get a measuring tape to check your progress, and that will show more tangible results.

Read magazines like Shape, Womens Fitness, Fitness, etc to get tips and to stay motivated.

Good luck and stick at it. This plan has lost me 20 lbs in 12 weeks so far, just go for it!

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