Your Questions About Health And Fitness Careers

George asks…

i need help deciding my future career pathway?

I need help deciding what career pathways i should choose for when i go to university. I’ve been looking on tonnes of website for health and fitness careers, health care or something like radiography. I’m also interested in a career where i get paid reasonably well… but not something incredibly hard to achieve. Thanks

dknol answers:

It is nothing new that health-care is the number one stable job field that most career professionals agree upon. You can be sure that you will always have a job in the health-care industry. It is sad to say but there will always be some old pops, or sickly person entering the hospital everyday and is good for you if you are in the health-care profession.

It may not pay as much when starting as a nurse aid, but after moving up it sure pays good and at the same time you are helping peeps get on their feet.

Sharon asks…

Career Suggestions in Health/Fitness?

I have 5 years sales experience and am looking to embark on a new career that helps promote and educate the public on health, fitness and nutrition. Does anyone know any companies, or organizations that share this goal? In looking online most of the jobs that I found dealt with working in an assisted living organization or dialysis centers. I was hoping that there were other jobs available that helped educate to prevent chronic diseases. Any advice?

dknol answers:

Health Promotion!! You can do a masters in it.

Donna asks…

What are some careers i could have?

Ok I want to get a 4 year degree, im currently in jr college. What are some careers in health and fitness?

dknol answers:

Chiropractor. I’ve understood they win some pretty good money, and it’s quite a rewarding work.

Betty asks…

What are some possible careers?

Ok I want to get a 4 year degree, im currently in jr college. What are some careers in health and fitness?

dknol answers:

Registered Nurse
Social Worker
Physical Trainer
Nutrition consultant

Daniel asks…

What’s a good website for teenagers and college students to plan things and learn about life and make goals?

things like
things like that

dknol answers:

Connexions –

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