Your Questions About Health And Fitness Careers

David asks…

What do you think I should do with my life?

I'm an intelligent person. However, I decided to travel during my twenties versus getting a complete college education (I went for a few years). I'm looking for unique answers, so just for fun let's say I'm not planning on going back to school right now.

Things I like: writing, travel, health and fitness, yoga, helping people.

What are some suggestions for some sort of career? It doesn't have to apply to the things I like. I'm just looking for fun, interesting ideas that maybe I've never heard of. And again, no degree required.


dknol answers:

Pray and meditate and find it within yourself, all the answers are there, who you are, who you're supposed to be, what you're supposed to be doing in this lifetime… And go out and volunteer and help make the world a better place(:

Ruth asks…

Careers in fitness or nutrition or working with health of infants?

What kind of careers exist in either nutrition, fitness, or working with infants? I would love to do something where I am caring for people's health. I already know about nursing but am not sure if thats for me. I just don't think it is. I am a college student and want to get my BA in a health care field.

dknol answers:

Dietitian or nutritionist.
Most people have more trouble with what and how much to eat than with what they need to do for fitness.

Linda asks…

What career should I go into with my particular interests?

I honestly do not like the idea of spending 30-50 grand that doesn't actually belong to me on 4 long years and an unpaid internship. However, that is mostly because I am not interested in what most colleges have to offer.
I am a very fit person and fitness is something that I am very passionate about. I will have my personal trainer certification in about two months but I do not think that PT is all that I want for a career. I want something different, fun, exciting and motivating. I realize that this is a tall order and that most people would say that said career does not exist. I am not looking for the easy road, I just want to do something that makes me use the physical abilities/passion that I have been blessed with.
Here is what I have to work with. I am in my early 20s and very passionate about physical fitness. I currently teach gymnastics and go to school for health education (which I do not want to be in). I am willing to work hard and have lots of confidence, but I do not (cannot) work a desk job of any kind and am not much of a math wiz.

Any suggestions for a young guy looking for a special, meaningful, and adventurous career?

dknol answers:

This may sound far fetched, but you could always look at the military. Fitness is a huge standard in the Military. Its meaningful, your serving your country, and depending what branch/MOS you choose it can be a big adventure.

John asks…

What is a good career that encompasses all of these interests?

I'm looking for a career for a person interested in nutrition, how biological processes work, exercise training, cooking, and an overall interest in maintaining good health. This is also a person who likes hands-on work rather than office work. Is there a career out there that satisfies many of these interests? What are some related careers?

All answers appreciated! :)
Also, forgot to add: This person also is interested in martial arts! It relates to the exercise…

dknol answers:

Fitness trainer. The ones you see celebrities have.

Joseph asks…

What would be a something to major in college if I'm interested in health and fitness!?

I'm in 9th grade, so I have a LOT of time to think. but I just want some ideas. i know i could be a fitness trainer. but are there any other things? Thank you so much for any responses.

dknol answers:

Fitness trainers, or those who help people improve their overall fitness, would be a great career choice. You could also look into becoming an athletic trainer, which is someone who works with clients and athletes to not only improve their fitness, but to prevent and treat injuries. You might also considering becoming a dietitian, a chiropractor, or a physical therapist.

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