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Mark asks…

should i become a personnel trainer or paly it safe and do an electricians trade?

just a little advice would be good people….im 25 and needing to set a career for my life now, i love sports and health and fitness and really good with people so i was thinking of training to becme a personnel trainer, but im worried as if i will have steady salary as some people have put me off and advised me to do a trade, and i was looking at doing an electricians trade to eventually become finaicially stable….im really in two minds i know i would certainly enjoy te personnel trainer route, but im bored sick of struglling for money and so a trade my be better for my future….any advice anyone?

dknol answers:

Do what your heart desires. It sounds like you would be a great personal trainer. Stick to that and try to pursue the career in sports/health. It may not be as high paying, but after a little while, you may be able to get a part time job, start your own small business, or open up a franchise to earn an extra little money. Do what you love, you will be happy in the end.

Betty asks…

Would it be counterproductive to pursue becoming a personal trainer while pursuing bodybuilding?

Im 22 and will be changing majors because I have a huge passion for health and fitness, which is the only field I can see myself enjoying as an occupation for the majority of my life. I also want to become a Pro Bodybuilder someday, Im currently 6'2 260(plan on bulking until 300 lb range), Im on a bulking diet so I have lots of mass, but Im not crazy ripped at this point but I still look a little over the top to most. Im just asking this question because I know a BB's physique is more times than none intimidating to average people, which could possible interfere with me gaining clients and I don't know this for sure but I wanted to know other opinions on the topic.

dknol answers:

Mattering on what field you choose to pursue in your personal training career (like team sports, individual sports, individual health, endurance, bodybuilding, etc.) becoming a body builder would be productive/counterproductive depending on your field. For example, if you choose to pursue to become a body building personal trainer then becoming a pro bodybuilder would be the best thing to gain experience and popularity, etc. Good luck! :)

Linda asks…

Need help about the next step in my life, and career?

I have my Cna certification. I was planning on continuing on to be an RN, however the math is way too hard I think, and id just waste time and money. I don't know what to do from here but I do not like being a CNA at all! I want to go back to school but need help deciding what for! I'm athletic and enjoy helping people. I was thinking group fitness instructor? Something combining health and fitness and helping people without being a RN. All answers are very appreciated! Thanks

dknol answers:

Do u know where the library is?
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As for what to do when u grow up?
Again library for 100s of books to show your
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Robert asks…

What are some “active” jobs in the computer science field?

Computer science is the major I'm currently pursuing, but my interest in it is dwindling, mainly because I'm more interested in health and fitness now and I'd rather not be stuck in front of a computer and programming all day. Are there any computer science careers that would allow me to work outside of a cubicle and be more active?

dknol answers:

No, not an awful lot. The most active you will generally be in the computer science field is if you work for a computer that does ‘roving' tech support. You'll be visiting lots of different offices and working on their networks, PCs, etc.

The only crossover I can think of is to get into software development related to health and fitness. Our current company does software development on an application that monitors patient ECGs, and the such – so there is a health connection. There's plenty of software development in health, but you, yourself won't be “active”.

Lisa asks…

What should be my next career move?

I am a personal trainer who needs a better job. I am willing to back to school. I have a BS in communications. I would like to stay in health and fitness– I just need better hours and better, consistent pay. I live in so cal but would consider moving. I want to become a mother some day in the not so distant future so something with flexibility would be nice.

I am smart, have a good worth ethic , and love helping others.

dknol answers:

I don't think there is anything in health and fitness, other than becoming a physical therapist.

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