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Chris asks…

What is the best way to start a career in personal training?

Should I start with Online study courses like ACT, or attend a School such as CNI, or start working for a health club (Bally's, 24 Hr Fitness, etc…) and learn by programs offered by them? Which certifications are the best recognized in the industry? I'm a middle age man looking to make a career change from an office cubicle into a fitness career.

Thanks for your input!

dknol answers:

ACSM or WITS certs.

Programs are typically offered at local colleges, just check with the advisers.

Carol asks…

careers if not accepted into med school?

I am in college and I have decided I want to put my all and everything into becoming a physician. However it's hard for me to want to do that because I keep getting discouraged by the competitive admissions for medical school and I don't want to end up with a career I'm unhappy with. I am really interested in health and fitness as well as the obesity epidemic. What stable alternate careers are available for this area of interest ?

dknol answers:

What is your major in college? I would go with careers relate to that.

Ruth asks…

What are the least expensive program available for certified life coaching online?

I realize many of you have preconceived notions about Life Coaches, but I am currently a student studying Mental Health Counseling and would like to make a little extra income on Liveperson, but need the credentials to be a Life Coach before I could become an “expert” since I only have my Bachelor's in Psychology. Any recommendations? The cheapest I've seen is $397.

dknol answers:

I agree with Kend Life Coaching is an awesome career field & for now there is no laws governing coaching. However, I notice that a lot of the schools do honor the ethics of the ICF. The ICF started just like every other institute it is not a government entity. It is like a McDonalds and Burger King…It is just your choice where you decide to be educated. They do not RULE the world of LIFE COACHING. Yes, all schools should have ethics. However, education and training would not work for me for a whole year to learn what I already know,. I would go to a school to be certified to enhance my experiences and build a network of coaches where we can share innovative ideas… I worked with a Life Coach. The experience was great. The person I worked with did not go to an expensive school. I worked with them because they was certified and worked in the community for years “Helping Other's” we spend a lot of money on music and entertainment. Why Not pay someone their worth because they want you to have a healthier and Happy Life. I checked out the site for the life coach training institute & spencer Institute. After, reviewing it seems that they both will be affordable along with finding the one that is the best fit for you. Life coaching is for healthy motivated individuals. One seems geared toward fitness coaching. The other one seems like it is a family based environment for people who need the face-to-face experience. The choice is always yours? Build a network and make the network for you. Have a wonderful day.

Jenny asks…

How do I become a certified personal trainer or dietary aide?

I'm moving to a new state next month and I really need a career change. After a lot of thinking, I've decided I would like to become a personal trainer or a dietary aide in a hospital but I'm not sure what the minimum requirements are.
***dextersuess- No I don't have neck acne. Read the whole question!****

dknol answers:

I've tried most of them and the The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the worldwide authority on strength conditioning specialists and personal trainers.

Unlike any other organization, the NSCA brings together a diverse group of professionals from the sport science, athletic, allied health, and fitness industries.

I researched it extensively when I was doing my own certifications, and you can't go wrong with the NSCA. Good luck.


Maria asks…

What should one study in college to become a yoga instructor?

I'm going to be a senior, and a little shaky about career choices and college. But, I do feel a yoga instructor is very much a promising job for me. any help?

dknol answers:

Maybe Philosophy and Health and Physical Fitness

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