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John asks…

What was the workout plan in last months issue of seventeen?

I missed it…I think Katy Perry was the cover girl?

I was flicking through my copy of the erm Selena Gomez one and there was all this stuff about girls who were motivated by some girl named Whitney who lost 100 lbs?

Does anyone know anywhere where I can read the article/workout plan online or would someone type it out =]

dknol answers:

Nikki for you….

Lizzie asks…

Is it possible to gain muscle with regular strength training after age 20s?

Many health and fitness articles stated that most people will lose muscle gradually early in the age 20s. May i know if muscle gain is still possible even if i conduct regular strength training like doing pull ups and weight lifting?

dknol answers:

Yes, you can increase the size and strength of your muscles long after the age of 30.
If you exercise and eat healthy you will not lose muscle mass or strength until you are much older.
The articles may be talking about sedentary people.

David asks…

Interesting fitness and health magazine article ideas?

I want to write articles and submit the to a health/ fitness magazine but i need good and interesting article ideas that haven't been written already 100times!They need to be catchy! RESPOND SOON PLEASE!!thank you!

dknol answers:

There's not a whole lot on fitness that hasn't been written 100 times or 1000 times already. Health and fitness have been documented plenty of times throughout history so you're bound to be repetitive.

That being said, why don't you do something on dancing since dance competitions seem to be so popular on T.V.

Or the Olympics, you can't go wrong there.

Women always have problems with their stomach and hip areas and men with their shoulders and back, so you could do an article focusing on that.

I was reading some golf magazine the other day and it did a spotlight on Mark Wahlberg. He gave tips on how to keep your body fit in order to play better golf! Some people wouldn't even bother with this but I thought it was catchy, so you could do something unconventional like that. For example, something that people should do to keep their lives easy. Such as daily stretching in order to bend over and play with your dog.

That's all I got:)

William asks…

Is it true that jumping for 6 minutes on trampoline equals calories you would burn running 1 mile?

I got it from this article…

I also will be doing a julian michaels fat boosting metabolism fitness dvd on it instead of on the ground to protect my joints … Would this be as effective as if i were doing it on the ground?

dknol answers:

Definitely not – and I think you know that already – You are going to have to do the work. No gain without pain – Good Luck!

Maria asks…

How common is a fatal blood clot in an 18 year old?

So I regularly play on the computer for ~15 hours a day with little movement (getting up once every few hours for a snack or a drink) and I've heard about people my age dying from blood clots for extended sessions on the computer/consoles. I'm just wondering are they rare cases or is sitting at my computer this much really something that could end up killing me? (Please keep in mind this is purely a question about blood clotting, not about my health and fitness.)

dknol answers:

Here are two articles that specifically discuss the increased risk of a blood clot from prolonged sitting in women. I suspect it applies just as much to men.


And here is what the Mayo Clinic says about blood clots and inactivity.


And here is another source that cites inactivity as a prime cause in all people.


While a fatal blood clot would not be that common in an 18 year old, the scary thing is that they are becoming more and more common in young people because young people, like much of the populate, eat too much of an unhealthy diet, and don't get enough exercise.

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