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Sandy asks…

How much swimming should I do in one session to make a real difference?

I was thinking that if I started with 20 lengths (do 5, take a break, do 5, take a break) and build it up by 5 each time, would that be enough to make a real difference to my weight and fitness levels?
Thanks to anyone who gives me a good answer! :)

dknol answers:

My suggestion to you is do interval training. Like swim at a good pace one lap and then swim as fast as you can the second lap and again go back to a decent pace and again go real fast. That is called interval training. Do this for a total of 20 min and you will have great results.

You also have to watch what you eat; try not to eat carbs after 6p.m. (carbs meaning pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, and sweets) and drink lots of filtered water.
You will lose weight. :)

I just read this article from Dr. Mercola (he is into natural health)

Joseph asks…

I need to write a report on a science article?

I want to write about asthma and whether or not it affects athletes but I can't seem to find an article. Can someone please post a link if you find one. Btw I'm in middle school so nothing too advanced.

Thank you.

dknol answers:

Here are three articles to choose from, good luck.


Michael asks…

How can we get nkechismith (mahalo) in contact with a professional so that he does not commit suicide?
Please log into mahalo answers and send nkechismith a direct question. Or if anyone knows how to contact the mahalo people maybe they can get his IP or something so a counselor could at least call his house.

dknol answers:


Wickedness, injustice,grief, pessimism,trouble, loneliness, fear, stress, frustration, distrust, unscrupulousness,anxiety, rage, jealousy, resentment, drug addiction,immorality, gambling, prostitution, hunger, poverty, social corruption, theft, war, struggle, violence, oppression, fear of death…News about these issues appear in the newspapers and on TV every day.The popular press devotes entire pages to these subjects, while others serialise articles about their psychological and social aspects. However,our acquaintance with these feelings is not limited solely to the press; in daily life,we,too,frequently come across such problems and, more importantly, personally experience them.
People and societies endeavour to liberate themselves from the distressing experiences,disorder and repressive social structures that have prevailed over the world for long periods.
We only need to glance at ancient Greece; the Great Roman Empire; Tsarist Russia, or the so-called Age of Enlightenment, and even the 20th century-a century of misery which saw two world wars and world-wide social disasters. No matter upon which century or location you concentrate your research, the picture will not be appreciably different.
If this is the case, why haven't people succeeded in solving these problems, or at least some efforts been made to remove such social diseases from society?
People have encountered these problems in all ages, yet each time they have failed to find any solutions because the methods they employed were inappropriate. They sought various solutions, tried different political systems, laid down impracticable and totalitarian rules, stirred up revolutions or subscribed to perverted ideologies, while many others preferred to adopt an indifferent attitude and merely accepted the status quo.
In our day, people are almost numbed by this way of living. They readily believe these problems to be “facts of life.” They picture a society immune to these problems as being nothing short of impossible-a dream utopia. They persistently and openly express their distaste for such a way of living, yet easily embrace it, since they think they have no other alternative.
The resolution of all these problematic issues is possible only by living by the principles of the “true religion.” Only when the values of true religion prevail can a pleasant and tranquil scene replace this gloomy and unfavourable picture, which is doomed to continue so long as God's limits are ignored. To put it another way, people are enslaved by these complications as long as they avoid the values of the Qur'an. Put simply, this is the “nightmare of disbelief” and the link below for this wonderful book:

you will find how the regulation of life by the “norms of morality” introduced by the Qur'an revealed to mankind by God will banish the “nightmare of disbelief,” how pessimism, corruption and social restlessness can be eliminated from society, how the individual can surround himself with an ideal environment, what spiritual and material benefits he is likely to attain by adherence to these norms of morality are gone into in detail, and finally, that the unique alternative to all these problems is the morality of the Qur'an.
So far, many books have attempted to deal with the social and psychological problems societies face. Yet, what distinguishes this book from others is its stress on the most realistic solution. It also sincerely warns people against the troublesome future they are likely to face if they fail to resort to this solution.
We expect that every reader of conscience will grasp that peace, mutual trust and an ideal social life is attainable only by embracing the values of the Qur'an and will turn to the true religion, which is Islam.
They will then happily join the ranks of those who never suffer, mentally or physically, from any of the above-mentioned complications. Around them, there will always be an abundance of favours, comfort, love, respect, peace and confidence, and moral virtues will prevail. They will know how to earn God's approval, by observing His limits and the commandments of the Qur'an. They will thus, by having faith in God, attain His mercy and at last enter Paradise.

Useful link:



Mark asks…

How do I know what I should go to college for?

There are so many things I would like to do. But for my first career I want a career I really want to do that pays well. Im very into fashion and apperence, I like to talk alot. I plan on opening my own salon after I get my cosmo liscense. I have looked into sales,real estate,paralegal,cosmo school,physical therapy assistant,and some other careers in health care. How can I know what I really want to go to college for?

dknol answers:

You are going in all directions at once. If you open a salon, a small business absorbs all your time.

Most people by the time they are in high school are passionate about some field enough to want to major in when they go to college/university. In my case I always knew I wanted to be an engineer, I taught myself a lot of basic engineering while in high school, went to Electronics Engineering School & have had a good career as an electronics engineer. My daughter developed a passion for transportation, medical administration & economics & did a dual major in Economics & Political Science & got her Emergency Medical Technician License. In grad school for her MSc she is taking transportation management & is getting her PhD in civil engineering with an emphasis on transportation.

My point is that the best thing to do is to go into something you are passionate about.

Whenever you are considering your fitness for any vocation or major, ask yourself these questions I found in a book written in 1921:

Self-Question 1—Am I considering this vocation chiefly because I would enjoy the things it would bring—such as salary, fame, social position or change of scene? Not the work itself.

If, in your heart, your answer is “Yes,” this is not a vocation for you.

Self-Question 2—Knowing the requirements of this vocation or major —its tasks, drudgeries, hours of work, concentration & kind of activity—would I choose to follow them in preference to any other kind of activity even if the income were the same? That is, would I do these things for the pleasure of doing them & not for the pay? If your answer is “No” this is not a vocation for you.

Self-Question 3—Do I tend to follow, of my own accord, for the sheer joy of it, the kinds of activity demanded by this vocation which I am contemplating? If you do not, you may make a living but you will never succeed in this line of work.

Unfortunately too many kids make it to their senior year of high school & never become passionate about anything. Unfortunately, these kids, in college, generally end up on the wrong side of the bell curve & get eaten alive in class standing by the kids who are passionate about their field.

So what do you do if you feel you are not passionate about something? Either you search deep into your soul to see if there really isn’t something you are interested in before all else. And I do not mean the opposite gender.

Failing that you need to take something that will make you a living. Most BA degrees are “personal enrichment” degrees & do not lead to a job. If in doubt take a degree in business or accounting. You can make a good living with an accounting degree.

And the good news at most schools you have little trouble in changing majors in your first 2 years if you should suddenly become passionate about something.

Here is a listing of the average starting & mid-career salaries for most 4 year majors. Note that these stats only apply to people who actually got a job in their field. Many graduates in the lower half of the list never get a job in their field & are not counted.

The higher they pay, the harder the major & generally the more math they require. Just be aware that high pay does not mean high demand.


The Highest Starting Salaries of 2010

Most in demand degrees:

Hot Jobs 2011

Look here to find the job prospects for most all occupations in the USA.

But on the bright side, if you have a genuine interest in the field you are pursuing & are willing to throw yourself in it & do anything for it, you will fare better than someone doing something because they can’t think of anything better to do. Those with a real passion for something can move mountains to become successful, but if you don’t have that fire in you, you are at a disadvantage.

Chris asks…

where can i get information about muscle and strength supplements?

I would like to support my work out with supplements (legal ones ,not like EPO ). what is a good address to get information. i mean no shop that sells but a neutral one. like a health info center. and then again what is a great and reliable online shop to buy that stuff?

dknol answers:

Man I wish that there was such a place but I haven't found it yet.You can't count on anything except clinical research.Finding published results is very difficult and you usually only find a few lines out of the studies in articles.Muscle and fitness believe it or not sometimes publishes articles like this but you can only usually trust them if there is a tiny printed number after every claim made in the article text.
Every once in a while the Journal of American Medical Association will publish something that you may find interesting.If there's something in particular that you're interested in send me a message and I'll tel you what I know about it or what clinical proof there is.You can join Consumer Lab but they just publish results of products that fail clinical testing and it's 17.00 USD a month.The link is at the bottom.Do a search for Consumer lab and see what comes up with it.That should help.The absolute best place on the web to buy supps is

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