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Michael asks…

What is a good natural bodybuilding magazine?

Now that Muscle Media is gone and Muscle&Fitness sucks, where can I go for good advice, print magazines only please.

dknol answers:

There are a few newer ones that you could try if you're bored of Muscle and Fitness.

Fitness RX is a pretty good magazine, that has a lot of recent study findings about various topics. The only criticism I have with the magazine is there are too many drawings, and some of the material is rehashed in later issues.

Maximum Fitness is a good alternative to Joe Weider publications. It used to be under a different title (American Health and Fitness if I'm not mistaken). The workouts are good, the info is good, the layout could use a little work but overall I like it.

Mens Fitness is one of my favorites but it is published by the folks who do Muscle and Fitness so a lot of the information is similar meaning if you don't enjoy M & F you probably wouldn't enjoy MF.

Finally you could try REPS, which is similar to Maximum Fitness but more geared towards the bodybuilding side of things. The articles are fairly well done without too much clutter of ads which plague many of the other body building magazines.

I hope this helps answer your question!

Ruth asks…

What are the risks of starting a muscle building workout and diet while obese?

My friend is obese and he is starting a muscle building diet where he takes in a lot of calories on his workout days. I told him that he should lose weight before he does this. What are the health risks of doing such a diet while obese?

dknol answers:

LOL….sorry i had to laugh.

I thank you very much for this question because i had just got back yesterday from a clinic in southeast Idaho, to write a paper about the busiest weight loss practice in the region.

The way they attacked obesity AND I QUOTE what they told me “Muscle is the secret to not only what we all strive for, but the solution to the obesity problem” i strongly belief in that and have seen greet results on my clients(i'm an educated trainer).

As outlined in many excellent fitness articles on the internet, total energy outflow is the sum of resting energy expenditure (REE), the thermic effect of food (TEF) and the energy used related to exercise (TEE). Under most circumstances, REE is the largest component of total energy expenditure (2).

A number of factors direct REE such as your age, height, genetics, environmental temperature and muscle mass, the only controllable one of the list is your muscle mass. Muscles control REE by the synthesis and break down of muscle protein, so the more muscle you have, the more turnover, the greater number of calories expended.

NOW what that means is that the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. That is a fact and that is the best way to eat at ur stubborn fat storage thats been there for years.


Mary asks…

What excercises can i do to loose weight fast and effectively?

I really want to loose weight for the break and for my health. Im healthy but i want to be in shape

dknol answers:

Do about an hour of aerobic exercise every day – a brisk walk is fine. If you don't have access to a gym check here for strength training exercises you can do at home. Strength training/weight lifting is really helpful for long term weight loss and for keeping the weight off and for boosting your metabolism.


Donald asks…

I really need some network marketing tips for the internet. How do I reach people without spamming anyone?

I am a consultant for a very reputable company founded by very reputable people. The products are very quality skincare, makeup, and health products. I cannot seem to find the right method to reach businesses, or entrepreneurs, such as skin salons or makeup artists. Anyone have any ideas to promote this business online. All ideas are welcome. Please help me brainstorm this.

dknol answers:

Call or visit five potential customers each day and ask them to register for your upcoming beauty news newsletter or entry into a contest for a $50 Amex gift card. That will give you up to 100 email addresses per month (1200 per year). Your mission needs to be getting sales not getting clicks on your website so make sure you have the right products at the right price at the right time. Offer samples. Let the products sell themselves. Ask if you can set up a folding table in their stores for 4 hours on one day to give samples and demonstrate your products to their customers. Create buzz. There's alot of competition in the industry. Get to know the buyers personally through frequent contact without stalking. When you see an article of interest make a copy and mail it with a little post it note saying, “thought you'd appreciate this” and sign your name and phone # or attach a business card. You may want to write an article of your own and make it look published. Relate it back to your company. Write about a new product or some kind of press release. Have you taken on any new clients worth bragging about??? Follow up with buyers… A no today could be a yes in 3 months. Get some postcards printed (vistaprint) and mail out quarterly. Your marketing efforts are tax deductible. Take a buyer to lunch once in awhile and ask about their business, trends, fears, joys, etc. Partner with comparable businesses to share leads. Talk to dermatologists and fitness clubs to get your product name to the end users who in turn will ask for your products by name. Imagine when a couple people a day go to the drug store asking for XYZ brand cosmetics??? Get your name out there. Be the “go to” person for the industry. Don't work hard… Work smart.

Mandy asks…

Where can I find support articles for schools not starting later in the day?

I have a debate in my speech and debate class about schools starting later in the day. Unfortunatly, we got chosen as the negative side, meaning we have to argue that schools shouldn't start later in the day. Can anybody tell me where I can find articles or support for my side?

dknol answers:

Hey dude, i just found an awesome articles site. Http://

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For u i hav copied the indexpage of the site . Hav a look, i msure u wud lov it too..

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