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Steven asks…

Would anyone like to see a scan of a 4D a six month baby stll in the womb?

I saw this to-day and thought I would share.

Please say if you can understand the accent.

dknol answers:

Love that Suzie! I've seen scans but could not really distinguish what I was seeing.

Send us more if they do it again please.

Yes, there were some things they spoke I didn't understand, but they were talking pretty fast. I understood most of what was said.

I agree with the couple, were I to have a baby even in this day and age, I'd rather have the surprise!

Lisa asks…

how do your write a paragraph to share an idea of your own appearane of people shown in product advertising?

i'm helping my son 4th grade health & fitness homework. he has to write a paragrah to share an idea of your own about the appearance of people shown in product advertising. Could you explain that for me please.

dknol answers:

Charles asks…

How much do you make at Medifit?

How much does a personal trainer <not a health fitness specialist>make at Medifit? How does the pay scale work? How is business generated? Is it no different than working at any other gym? Please keep answers clear and concise and on topic with the question.

dknol answers:

Around $12 per hour…

Good luck!

Ken asks…

What does McDonald's restaurants have to do with the Olympics?

Why is McDonald's sponsoring the Olympics? This is a contradiction if there ever was such a thing. McDonald's symbolized unhealthy food, obesity and heart disease whereas the Olympics symbolize health, fitness, and sports.

dknol answers:

It has nothing to do with the symbolic angle of this. McDonald's is willing to pay a ton of money to help pay for a lot of different things. In agreement, the olympics have to talk about McDonald's and show their logo on most things. They did not agree with McD's to symbolize the olympics with their sponsors, they did it to make money. Both sides hope to benefit from it. Business is like this everywhere. I do wish they could have had someone like Subway or Nike sponsor them. But you can also look at it like this. The people who go to watch the games are going to be looking for places familiar to them to eat at. McDonald's will seem like an easy place to a lot of people.

Carol asks…

How is the Wii fit age calculated and does it relate to any other recognised fitness measurement?

Does having a Wii fit age greater or less than your chronological age actually reflect general health and fitness. Is there an ideal age to aim for?
Maria, I thought it was the other way round in that being older was bad. I'm in my forties my Wii fit age is in my thirties.

dknol answers:

Ideally, when you first received you Wii Fit age, it would be similar to your chronological age. If it shows you older, then you didn't have as much flexibility and control as the programmers have gauge your age to have. If it is younger, then your control is like that of someone of chronological younger.

My goal is to get my Fit age at a steady younger baseline. Right now, I fluctuate from young to old, depending on if I skipped days on the balance board. I wouldn't say that it is an exact measurement, since you can become skilled in its test measures.

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