Your Questions About Health And Fitness

Carol asks…

Why do Republican-majority states receive the most federal assistance?

Why do the people in those poor states continuously vote for the GOP and remain lowest ranked in education, health, fitness, and overall quality of life?

dknol answers:

Precisely! They don't realize THEY are the “47%” Romney detests so much.

Steven asks…

Im tired of people telling me im slow i go to the gym everyday almost?

i run on the treadmill for health fitness and what i thought was really good apparently sucks 4.02 miles in 35:00 ok since that sucks what should be a good goal then? to make me seem in great condition.

dknol answers:

For health and fitness that is a great workout. I guess you need to have the person that told you that show you how it is done.

Daniel asks…

What's the difference between fitness bootcamp and fitness training?

After looking at a few health and fitness bootcamps, I was a little confused. Maybe I did that to myself :) Then I remembered that some people used the 2 terms interchangeably.. Just what IS the difference or are they the SAME?

dknol answers:

Bootcamp = forced, marine style

Ruth asks…

How come this one particular Neocon wants to answer Every single one of my questions?

Why does he give me bizarre, irrelevant answers to my questions in the Marriage section, beauty, health, fitness and female health issues. He even recommended a birth control pill brand. What the heck? Does he think that I'll break down and give him the best answer?
As a matter of fact, His political leaning is pretty relevant since he ends his answer with satements like “viva Bush” in the alternative medicine section…..

dknol answers:

I read the examples that you sent me and I must say I thought them pretty bizzare, but then what the heck. Look at the Conservative playmates, ‘Can't get my pecker up' Rush, Misogynist O'Reilly, Sexual retard Coulter, need I go on?

Mandy asks…

Which Michigan college is better for this?

I want to become possibly a nutritionist or dietitian. Which school is better for the health/fitness/diets field? Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, or Aquinas college (Grand Rapids)? Or all they all good in that category? Or is there one above another?


dknol answers:

U of M is good for any medical field. Not to discourage MSU, but Michigan proves itself to be the best in medicine in the state.

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