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John asks…

What is the best martial art for overall HEALTH & FITNESS?

i did some research on google abt capoeira,taekwondo,hapkido,tai chi,qui-gong,yoga but couldn't find which is the best for health and fitness?
ANY suggestions regarding other martial arts not mentioned here also encouraged?

dknol answers:

There is no such thing as “best.” Instead, I will tell you which arts have helped people and myself the most, based off of experience.

First off, my definitions:
Health = Mental stability, flexible ligaments, body is well supplied with blood and nutrients
Fitness = Cardio, ligament and muscle strength, etc

I'll go through your examples:
Capoeira: Great for overall fitness. A lot of weird moves that require extreme balance. This martial art was disguised as a dance b/c it was illegal to practice, so think of hardcore dancing fitness.

Taekwondo: Again, great for overall fitness. Your legs will get super flexible if practiced right. Requires decent cardio, won't help your back that much. There are quite a bit of injuries such as torn ACLs from my experience. It really depends on the type of workouts your instructor puts you through.

Hapkido: Depends on the style. Some styles are very similar to Taekwondo while others rely heavily on joint-locks. There is no general answer for this, depends on the school.

Tai Chi: Great for health, other styles typically get you more physically fit though. Mentally this is EXTREMELY helpful. It helps connect your mind to your body by exercising the left and right parts of the body simultaneously. Much of the art depends on the legs. I'd recommend you to take Qigong first though.

Qigong: Not a martial art. It is more of standing/sitting meditation, with some movement. Tai Chi would be considered moving meditation. Qigong translates into ‘energy work'. It works wonders for back pain. There are many exercises designed specifically for back pain. In fact, they categorize it into ‘physical, 'emotional', and ‘intellectual' pains. There are many ages that practice this at my school, from 15 to 90. Again, you won't get physically fit, this is an internal art. You will become much healthier though.

Yoga: Similar to Qigong. There is deep breathing, stretching, and more. Not a martial art either. This is more easy to find in the Western world. Great for health, not so much for fitness.

My overall recommendation:
Take Qigong, Yoga, or Tai Chi along with Capoeira, Taekwondo, Hapkido, or a gym.
Why? You need to balance health with fitness. Internal with external. If you can only afford one, I would recommend Tai Chi the most because it is internal yet has self-defense techniques.

Michael asks…

What college should I go to to become a personal trainer?

I'm mainly looking for a college that offers dance, health/fitness, nutrition, philosophy, physiology, and fine art?

But am I missing anything else that would help me become a personal trainer (but would fulfill my interest and keep me well-rounded)?

dknol answers:

Look for a program in kinesiology. Lots of Physical Therapists use it as a springboard toward being a personal trainer. It'll teach you about how the skeletal and muscular systems work.

Sandra asks…

Question for health and fitness course on bulimia?

I'm doing a course on health and fitness, they state that bulimics don't lose weight and stay normal. But they classify being bulimic as stuffing yourself until your full, and then purging What if they eat normal and then purge it after. What happens ? Please help I have to write a essay on it. And don't quite understand.

dknol answers:

Eating normal and purging is not bulimia. The criteria for bulimia is that a person must “binge-eat and purge, at least 2-3 times per week”. Bulimics often stay a normal weight as they absorb some of the calories they consume.

Chris asks…

what are some good apps to download for the palm pre ?

I just got palm pre and verizon is my service and I would like to download some more apps. I am a mother and I like to learn new things and I am very much so into health fitness and I love fashion and beuty.

dknol answers:

Go to they list all the apps and also have reviews. There are a lot of health and fitness apps, would not know about the fashion apps. Lol

Richard asks…

Is it better to exercise in the morning when i wake up, or before i go to bed?

I do 30 pushups and 40 situps a day. Right now i do them right when i get out of bed in the morning, before even washing my face. I know it probably doesn't really matter very much, but from a health/fitness standpoint, are morning or night exercises more effective?

dknol answers:

Like you said it doesn't matter much.. But in the morning is better for your carcadium rhythm and other things because it gets your blood pumping and ready for the day. And before u go to bed it might make u restless or it harder to get in sleep mode u might wake u in the middle of the night.. But id do it whenever most convenient like before shower time.

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