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Laura asks…

Taking ibuprophen WITH a protein supplement or vitamin pill wont have negative side effects will it?

I take the ibuprophen for it's anti inflammatory properties and the other two for health&fitness.

dknol answers:

Are you working out on that protien shake. Causing muscle tears and using ibuprophen to heal faster and be less inflammed making you execise for longer the next time round?

IF NO then taking these for normal purposes is ok but try to stager the use of drugs if possible

Michael asks…

What are your favourite sections in a bookstore?

I like Reference, Health & Fitness, and Psychology.

dknol answers:

Self help and non-fiction

Mandy asks…

Throbbing sensation in thighs and legs after exercise – what is this?


When I sit down after walking for 30 minutes (medium paced), I sense a throbbing sensation (painless) in different parts of my thighs and back. I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like a pulse in multiple parts of my lower body.

Exercise/Health/Fitness experts, can you please explain what this is, and why this happens?

dknol answers:

It is just increased blood flow to your legs and thighs and possibly your back. Unless it is painful, I believe it is just your body working.
Try doing a cool down routine after walking. Do some slower walking and slow, intentional stretches before you end your routine.

Hope this helps!

Linda asks…

is my bachelors degree going to help me become a physical therapist?

i want to get my bachelors in health fitness and promotion , is that going to help me become a licensed physical therapist ?

dknol answers:

To become a PT, you need to get a BS in anything, apply to an accredited PT school. Complete 3 years of schooling that includes about one year of intership time inwhich you will rotated through all of the specialities. Then you will be eligible to sit for the national PT exam. Once you pass you can apply for licensure in any state you would like to work.

The best source of information is the national PT website under prospective students.

I am a PT

John asks…

How can a 15 year old become healthier and fitter?

I'm a 15 year old boy and I am starting to take more interest in my health, fitness and how i look. What can I do to help me look better and feel better in terms of diet, exercise and sleep? I have started to eat more fruit like oranges and apples and also eating seeded bread instead of white, drinking cranberry juice. Exercise wise I do weights at school but they are not overly heavy, i do swimming on Thursdays and on weekends I do like 10 min arm workouts and 10 min ab workouts. and i also run up and down the stairs for about 10 mins every Friday and Saturday. What else can I do ? i don't get a lot of sleep so i know i have to start going to bed earlier.

dknol answers:

You seem to be doing pretty good. If you feel overly energetic at any time, do something. Give yourself a bed time, so that if you're not tired by that time, you NEED to do something.

Close hand push ups, wide hand push ups, incline, decline and below waist.
Close hand palms to you chin ups, wide hand palms away pull ups.

One of these lines a day and you'll be doing amazingly.

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