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Mark asks…

How to improve your cardio without losing weight?

I'm ok with my weight and I love cardio activities too much, due to the joy , endurance improvement, heart strength and health, fitness, etc….
So, is there a way I can practice without affecting my weight, I mean not losing fat and not losing muscle?

I'm thinking about consuming a large amount of Carbohydrates because the body uses them in the first class, I mean if another energy source from food was attended, the body uses it instead of fats in stored in your body, what you think about that? complex carbs? simple? etc?

Please explain to me, to make sure I'm not losing any weight 100% while I'm taking pleasure of my cardio!

dknol answers:

Its a pretty simple solution honestly, you want to maintain weight but increase activity. So in order to do so you need to increase food consumption. I would figure out how many more calories you expect to burn from whatever activity and then add that many calories into your current diet. I would recommend oatmeal and nuts for sustained energy release. Plus oatmeal is a very overlooked food with great health benefits. Best of Luck

Susan asks…

What is your number one fitness/health/weight loss tip?

What is your number one health, fitness, or weight loss tip, quote, site, or insight? Also, how much weight have you lost, if any?

dknol answers:

My first tip is determination….if you don't apply yourself to exercising and eating a healthy diet then you are going to waste your time more than anything else.
I jog for 15 minutes daily, chest on mondays followed by biceps, triceps, back/shoulders, squats.
Diet is the most important factor that affects the weight so I stay away from fats and junk foods.

David asks…

How do I become slender and fit, not buff?

I am into health, fitness, and nutrition, but am coming up short of an answer to this question. I don't want to be a body builder at all… I would rather be lean and slender. Are there exercises or foods to do that for me? If you want to give any other health or weight loss advice, I'd appreciate that also. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Do lots of cardio. Big buff body builders look that way because they spend most of their time at the gym lifting weights and avoid doing a lot of cardio because it can be “catabolic,” meaning that your body has the potential to burn some of that hard-earned muscle to fuel a long run on the treadmill.. You still need to do weight training, but to get a natural look I'd suggest concentrating on bodyweight exercises (i.e. Crunches, pushups, pullups… Things that don't require equipment) mixed with a few machine/barbell/dumbell maneuvers just to keep your body guessing. Balance this with running, stair climbing, cycling or any intense cardio to reach a lean yet fit physique, and of course watch your diet.

Ruth asks…

What are the most interesting and quirky places to visit in Los Angeles?

I will be going on a road trip through L.A. from January 19th – January 31st. What are some interesting places for me to visit? I love anything that's quirky, creative, and intellectual. I also have an interest in small business entrepreneurship, mushroom growing, organic food, health & fitness, experimental & electronic music, dumpster diving, alternative education, and living off the grid. Anything that's free or cheap is a plus.

dknol answers:

Here's something quirky for you.

Back in 1894, William & Alice Brugman, residents of Sierra Madre (a small town near Pasadena) bought a little wisteria plant in a gallon can, for 75 cents, and planted it in their back yard. Later known as “The Monster”, it grew, and grew, and grew (like something out of Dr. Suess ), until eventually, it collapsed their house. Literally.

Undaunted, they rebuilt the house 20 feet away. And it kept growing. The wisteria is still there in their back yard, but is now the largest blossoming plant in the world. The giant vine weighs 250 tons, and has 500 branches that cover an entire acre.

The community of Sierra Madre has a Wisteria Festival each year to celebrate the beast. Since it's in a the back yard of a private home, this is the only time you can see it up close. They offer free tours during the festival. You can catch a shuttle from downtown Sierra Madre.

“Downtown” Sierra Madre itself is worth a visit. It has a quaint charm. One of the few places where you won't find a single McDonald's or a single traffic light – and where they still have a volunteer fire department. And one restaurant is called “The Only Place in Town”.

Ironically, the original sci-fi classic, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, was filmed in downtown Sierra Madre. (Remember the pods?)

The Wisteria Festival takes place on March 25th this year. Website here:

Quirky enough for you?

Sandra asks…

How do you remember taking medicines?

I often forget – My wife is more out of habit in taking medicines – I got to feed her doses even. Though we know Taking the medicines as prescribed is for our better health & fitness. But 5 out of 10 times we forget.
Please help!

dknol answers:

Buy one of those plastic pill containers that have the days of the week on them. They have helped me tremendously.

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