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Charles asks…

Why is improving aerobic capacity through continuous training important for health-related fitness?

Why is it important to improve aerobic capacity through continuous training, for health-related fitness?

dknol answers:

Aerobic exercises enhance your heart's performance and thus your stamina increases. When you have a helathy heart your blood is pumped more efficiently to other parts of your body thus increasing your performance in your daily tasks.
Aerobic exercises also burns cholesterol and fat accumulated in your body. So on the whole doing these cardio exercises is the best option to stay healthy overall.

George asks…

What are the practical elements of a UK Health and Fitness NC course interview?

I have an interview for my local college's NC Health and Fitness.

What are the practical elements of the interview?Are they purely sports related or do you get a fitness test too?

dknol answers:

The practical elements of a UK Health and Fitness NC course interview are practical and emotional expression

Nancy asks…

What jobs are there for public health?

I've always been interested in health and want to pursue a career in it. What are some ideas for jobs I could have? I love nutrition, mental health, fitness and wellness, all kinds of health about the body and mind.

dknol answers:

Hi Jordyn! These sites have a lot of helpful information about how to become a public health professional or nutritionist/dietitian, including jobs you could do within those fields, and interviews with professionals in each field. Good luck! :)

Public Health:


Donna asks…

How many calories do I need to loss a day to loss 50 pounds in 3months?

I'm following my diet and eating healthy, I also work out for at least half an hour everyday following health fitness videos and I burn 25 calories on the tread climber. How long would it take me to loss 50 pounds?

dknol answers:

1. Exercise from monday through thursday. You must rest on fridays and sundays in order to maintain a good health. (Cardio workout)

2. Eat low carbs such as brown rice, 100% whole wheat bread, a lot of greens like vegetable, and fruits for antioxidant to make you look young (vitamin E) (berries)

3. Eat a lot of dry meat by tearing the fat apart away from the meat as you will throw that fat into the trash can. You must eat chicken breast, no skin or fat on it, then you must eat beef which goes the same thing about fat or skin on. Pork is out from the menu because of its fats. Also, it could give you bone problems as well if you eat too much pork.

4. Drink water and natural squeeze fruit juice.

5. Cook everything with coconut oil and eat olive oil raw to maintain a good health. Trust me, you will get abs by doing this.

6. Drink a lot of whey protein before you workout. If you ran out of protein, eat normally with chicken breast, 6 egg white (take out the yolk), and brown rice. After you eat, u must wait for an hour for that food to digest before u workout. To my suggestion, wait for 1 hr. And 30 min. Because it helped me a lot through my workout routine

7. Eat a lot of avocado to reduce mercury in your brain as you eat fish (tuna, salmon, catfish, trout, etc.) with skin on.

8. Do weight training along with plyometric as well. The best cardio to burn the belly fat is burpees. Combine the burpees with jumping jack, lunge jump, and other jumping techniques like jump rope.

9. Find your model that you like. Because my favorite model is Bruce Lee and I want my body to be like his. Therefore, find your foundation before doing the workout. Go and do some research about your model of what he/she eats and do what they do everyday.

10. Be motivated and try to motivate others by getting into an exercise plan as well. This is my plan for you: On monday, wednesday, and friday is weight training. On Tuesday and Thursday is cardio and plyometrics. Focus on 3 muscles on 1 day before going to the next one. The minimal to exercise is an hour for 1 muscle on all 3 different types.

11. My salad: raw olive oil, avocado, raw eggs (recommended if you know how to wash it with soap), tomatoes, cilantro, onions, basil leaf/italian seasoning, and chicken breast/dry lean beef/fish.

I hope this go well since it helped me.

Fit and Well, 10th edition book

Michael asks…

How to improve your cardio without losing weight?

I'm ok with my weight and I love cardio activities too much, due to the joy , endurance improvement, heart strength and health, fitness, etc….
So, is there a way I can practice without affecting my weight, I mean not losing fat and not losing muscle?

I'm thinking about consuming a large amount of Carbohydrates because the body uses them in the first class, I mean if another energy source from food was attended, the body uses it instead of fats in stored in your body, what you think about that? complex carbs? simple? etc?

Please explain to me, to make sure I'm not losing any weight 100% while I'm taking pleasure of my cardio!

dknol answers:

Choose whole, natural food sources without artificial ingredients, preservatives or filler ingredients. The goal is to eat foods that are dense with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to promote overall health and wellness. This allows you to improve cardio endurance through a proper training program. Sample foods include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains for carbohydrates. Fish, chicken and lean red meat are good protein sources and nuts and seeds are healthy fats.

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