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Susan asks…

Early i know but what are your predictions for the Australian Open 2012?

Your prediction can be based on what you've seen recently at ATP & WTA events.
Players health & fitness etc etc.

Ladies Champion?

Men's Champion?

BQ Which tennis player should we look out for next year?
Anyone that may surprise us and have a good year?

dknol answers:

Mens Champion depends on the final…

Djokovic v Nadal – Djokovic would win
Djokovic v Federer – Federer would win
Djokovic v Murray – Either way
Murray v Nadal – Nadal would win
Murray v Federer – Either way
Federer v Nadal – Nadal would win

Djokovic will be the favorite, if he stays injury free, i think Federer has another Slam in him, he has finished the year well, Murray could manage to win the Australian, he has a good record here in the past, and Nadal can win, if he avoids Djokovic.

Del Potro or Tsonga could pull of a major shock and win – You never know.

Womens Champion – Serena Williams or Kvitova

BQ – Watch out for Raonic

Steven asks…

What is a good exercise schedule that will effectively help me lose fat and gain muscle?

I am overweight in my opinion. I am a 16 year old male, i play sports so i am relatively athletic, but not quite to the point i would like to be. I want to lose weight to improve my health, fitness and appearance What would be a good daily exercise schedule to follow??? Thanks! :)

dknol answers:

The American College of Sports Medicine offers guidelines for cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance training. The guidelines are flexible enough to allow you to pick your own exercises but have enough structure to get you going when you first start out. They are pretty easy to follow and will make your workout easier and more efficient.

Beginners Guide to Exercising –

Jenny asks…

Spiritually speaking can one of you sweet atheists help me BS on this job application?

The statement is “Describe your commitment to health, fitness and nutrition.”

Except I couln't really give a rat's bum about my health so I was hoping you could help me BS. Thanks.

dknol answers:

Tell them you routinely get plenty of exercise running from the police. And in an effort to live a more healthy lifestyle, you recently switched to “light” cigarettes.

Chris asks…

What should be taught in high school biology?

One thing that really annoys me is that with all this talk of evolution and creation in biology class, yet when I did biology, health & fitness topics were completly ignored. Also, we did not pollution either. So I ask you, what “units” should be in a hs bio class?
We have a health class, but they were taught by PE teachers, so that weren't really that great.

dknol answers:


Nancy asks…

What is the Anarchist political view of national socialism?

Forget the crimes of the Nazi government and any wrongs. What is philosphy or things the Nazi government advocates that the Anarchist are against.
Please leave out the holocaust or any crimes.
Im looking for the fundamental philosphical perspective that they oppose. This meaning what Nazis advocate like race or health fitness and such.

dknol answers:


For starters, asking for “the Anarchist political view” of anything is asking a question with no single, simple answer.

Anarchy is completely chaotic.
Every man for himself.
No rule but the rule of the one, the self.

The moment you get any two people working together for a common goal you don't have anarchy anymore.

It's not a political ideology, but instead an apolitical phase between political systems.

A state of true anarchy could never be maintained for long.

“The Anarchist's” perspective would be as variable and individual as each and every human living.

It follows then that every anarchist would have a unique view of the Nazi regime.

I'm not an anarchist.

I'm an agnostic socialist.

Personally, I tend to think of Nazis as a fascists because I see those as the dominant traits of the order. I had a friend who used to openly admire Nazi efficiency, and I'll concede some military brilliance to the Third Reich. But I always had a hard time getting beyond their barbarity.

Of course the U.S. Is guilty of doing the same and worse throughout the world, and that's in the present day…like, now. Not 65 years ago.

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