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Lisa asks…

How could I convince you to ride a bicycle or walking to work?

I posted this question under health & fitness last week. I wanted to get an environment perspective also.

I used to ride a bicycle to school in at the elementary level. I currently ride to work about 4 days per week, and I realized that it's good for the environment, help me in my fight with obesity, and helps me stick it to the Exxon Mobile to the tune of $30 per month.
I'm interested in creating a grass roots movement to encourage Americans to bike to work. I'm looking for ideas on how to convince people to bike or walk to work, so what would convince you?

dknol answers:

Approach them in such a way that they are open to the health benefits of doing these, and how much money they will save on gas or public transportation.
But let them think it was their idea, they are far more likely to do so.
Most people wont even think about doing something they feel like someone else is pushing on them

Chris asks…

How to earn a living in the health and fitness Industry?

My primary aim is to become an athlete (elite level olympic lifter), but I know that in most cases this doesn't pay the bill, esp if you're not already at that stage.

Studying to become a personal trainer, studying and setting up a blog, website or youtube channel about fitness and nutrition is another option, fintess modelling if you're good looking and in great shape (which isn't easy if you're drug free), or writing books about health and fitness.

What else can be done which doesn't require huge start up capital (I don't even have a car and live in my parents loft conversion).

dknol answers:

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that runs through the bloodstream. It is produced naturally in the liver, and it aids in cell formation and hormone function. But when cholesterol levels become too high, plaque can form in the arteries and restrict blood flow leading to an increased risk of suffering a heart attack. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have high cholesterol, you should limit your dietary intake to 300mg a day, or 200mg a day if you have heart disease. If you want to avoid it altogether, there are several foods you can choose.

Carol asks…

Is running up and down a staircase good cardio?

I know this is in the wrong category, but Health & Fitness is dead right now.

Just wanted to know if running up and down a staircase is good cardio, if one is restricted to working out inside the house. And how does it compare to regular running/jogging?

dknol answers:

Yes. It is great cardio and exercise for your muscles, as well as a good way to get rid of fat. Breathing correctly will help reduce the pain more =]

Michael asks…

How can I cushion an ingrown toenail so I can run?

I have a huge health/ fitness test tomorrow, so big in fact that we can't do it in jeans.

My health teacher won't let anyone out of it for anything.
But I have a painful ingrown toenail, so I need a way so I can cushion it and not run weird, I don't have any money to go out and buy some expensive contraption to cushion the toe. So yeah, any tips?
I have cleaned the toe and drained it and put hydrogen peroxide on it.

dknol answers:

Ouch! I know what an ingrown toenail feels like and it's not fun. The best thing to do other than to contact your Dr and have it removed (Which you can get a doctors excuse for missing class and you would be excused for missing class) would be to try to remove the nail that is lodged into your skin. When I have the ingrown nail I take the nail clippers carefully cut the nail leaving some of the nail at the edge of your skin still attached. Take a pair of tweezers and carefully remove the nail out of your skin. It can hurt a lot but it can be a relief to get the sharp stabbing nail out of your toe. Also peroxide it and use a band-aid to get out any dirt/ germs. Be sure to make a dr appointment when you are able to afford the office call. The Dr can remove the ingrown nail and put an acid like substance on your toe to prevent the nail from growing back incorrectly.

Nancy asks…

How many times a week should I jog?

I am 17 years old and have always been keen on maintaining my health & fitness. I have recently just started jogging daily but have had many problems with my Cruciate Ligaments in the past, after jogging my left knee begins to swell. I thought maybe the amount of jogging I do aggravates my Ligaments. Does anybody have any tips on how many jogging sessions I should do a week with such a weak knee?

dknol answers:

I jog every day, but that might not be good for you. Have you seen your doctor?

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