Your Questions About Can My Computer Play World Of Warcraft

Mary asks…

Where can i buy a computer that will play World Of Warcraft, and i pay monthly on it?

Im looking for a half decent computer that is going to be able to play world of warcraft. I dont want the computer to be ridulously priced £300 maximum cost, And i'd like to pay for it monthly hopefully ranging from £10-£20 a month. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A SITE?

dknol answers:

You can go look at dell laptops, alienware, HP, all of them have some decent model of laptops/ desktops that are capable of running WoW fine.
Although if you want a really good laptop i suggest

William asks…

Is there any portable 3g devices that can play world of warcraft?

I'm looking for a portable 3g computer that can play world of warcraft where ever you are; such as on a train. My maximum budget is £600. It must be able to be capable of doing battlegrounds or dungeons at around 10fps.
The hard-drive doesn't need to be big, as I have a 160GB external device.

dknol answers:

Unfortunaley not.

Your average 3g networks from Three, O2 or, indeed, any of the major networks may be able to deliver a decent speed, but the latency is much higher due to the nature of the mobile networks that are in use. Even when stationary, in good signal area, your latecny would be too high to be able to do anything. Add in, that when travelling you will be moving in and out of signal range, playing whilst on the move would be very difficult, if not impossible.

John asks…

How do i get my computer to play World Of Warcraft?

I have a good computer that my family shares. under system it says

” Hewlett-Packard Company
Compaq Presario
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor
2.41 GHz, 1.37 GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension”

I want to play world of warcraft and it works but it is REALLY laggy. how do i fix this?

dknol answers:

Hi there,

There are a host of programs and resources out there that should enable you to run WoW even with an integrated graphics card. Checkout's pc optimization guide. I used it on my computer with a similar setup (integrated card) and it works great now. Http://

Otherwise, considering that your computer takes PCI-E cards you should look into a Nvidia 6800 card. Why this card? Because its cheap (you can get one for about $40-50) and it has low power supply requirements. Which means that you will not need to upgrade your comps power supply which I'm guessing is only about ~350 watt…

Hope this helps!

George asks…

What would be the requirements for a computer to play world of Warcraft smoothly?

I would like to play world of Warcraft smoothly so I wanted to know what I would need to look for when I go buy a laptop

dknol answers:

The Ram, Processor and the video card, if you want to play with out minimal lag, I would suggest a Alienware laptop, or go by these specs – Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+
– 1 GB or more of RAM
– NVIDIA® GeForce® FX or ATI Radeon™ 9500 video card or better laptop

Joseph asks…

What computer is good enough for world of warcraft?

Im looking for a computer that can play world of warcraft that is between $400 and $500 if there is one please leave a link to it

dknol answers:

Well it would have to be a desktop. There are sites which list the minimum specs and recommended specs for running it. It does not take a lot to run the game smoothly compared to many other online games

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