Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Lizzie asks…

how can i send a sound clip directly to my mobile phone with my computer?

i dont have a camera, or bluetooth, or a voice recorder.

dknol answers:

Go to They have an easy to use interface that will convert and transfer 20 seconds of what ever sound file you want on your computer to your cell phone. However, if you don't have bluetooth or even a voice recorder, I think it may be time to upgrade, my friend. I hate having to buy new technology every 6 months but it's just the way the system works.

David asks…

Do motorola bluetooth headsets work with any phone for example nokia, or does it have to be same brand?

Can i use my motorola bluetooth headset with any phone that has bluetooth and not from the brand motorola?
Plzzzz tell me its for a christmas present !!

dknol answers:

Hi,I think with all the plugging into ,going on in this world of technology.There probably is a standard plug size on most of the things you buy today.I myself have to get a set of head phones for myself.Good Luck.

Thomas asks…

how do you know if someone is accessing your computer from another location?

how would someone do that? had someone using my computer recently to look things up, but then they suddenly know things that i know and seem to know what i say and email on the computer? i have secure settings (i think) and use Mcafee security system . could they plug something into my laptop secretly and give themselves access to my computer and what i do on it from another location?

dknol answers:

Several things could be happening here.
First Check your wires and see if there is anything in between the computer and the attached devices. Such as a little extra connector on the keyboard wire plugging. There may be what is called a key logger and it can record everything you type. I have heard of ones with bluetooth technology that could transmit everything to a nearby computer.

Second if the person had access to your computer for a bit they could have installed a remote access program such as VCN and or Logmein. These programs could allow someone to see and even record everything that shows on your screen. One way to stop someone from using those programs is to A. Put a password on the computers any and all of the user accounts or B. Change all the passwords that are already there. C. Make sure there are not any extra user accounts on the computer that you do not recognize. If there are any, delete them..[edit. Also you can look in you add/remove programs to see if VNC or logmein are there, if so there is usually account information stored on the computer and the police can look at it as proof of stalking and it will help set up a restraining order if you press charges. Also Recommend to you uninstall them once the police are done with the laptop.]

There are several programs out there separate from these including windows remote desktop and that's not to say the person has not made their own remote program.

If running windows Xp you may be able to look at you computer management event log to. This is very technical and would require a good understanding of computers.

However you may try to look it over.
Go to:
Control Panel
Administrative tools
Event Viewer

Here you may be able to look through the logs and see if it says any thing to the extent of remote log in requests or granted access reports. There is a lot of seeming suspicious stuff that is part of the computers normal operation so you may have to research each report if it looks suspicious.

All in all if not the computer look for a camera pointing at the computer screen in vents or shelf's that you haven't touched in a while.

There are crazy people out there, be safe.

Paul asks…

Where can I find bluetooth files on a Samsung Galaxy tablet?

Yes, but you use bluetooth to send and receive files. Those files originated from bluetooth which makes them bluetooth files.
Yes, but you use bluetooth to send and receive files. Those files originated from bluetooth which makes them bluetooth files.

dknol answers:

Bluetooth isn't files, its a wireless technology to transmit data or audio. Its mostly used for things like headsets, but can also be used to unlock doors and such.

Maria asks…

How Nokia can re-gain its market share? Give at least three suggestions and support each suggestion with solid?


Nokia is the Finnish multinational company founded in 1871 and the largest vendor of mobile phones providing its services in more than 120 countries. Nokia had the biggest customer base around the globe and is the market leader since many years but with the growing technology and due to vendors of smart phones, Nokia is facing declining market from last five years. Competitors came with latest technology, attractive features, innovative designs with lowest prices thus, attracted large chunk of customers. The entrance of HTC, Apple and iphone in Pakistan has damaged Nokia customer base. The android technology led by iphone and HTC changed the perception of market segments and made them inclined towards products with latest features to show their identity distinctively. The android market offer customers fast, attractive and awesome applications to spend their time in leisure. In 2011, Nokia had partnership with Microsoft and now Nokia’s phones 710 and 800 have windows phone operating system to compete with other mobile phone companies. The entrance of Q mobile in 2002 captured large market share with providing eye-catching designs, stunning features with very low prices. It caters low price segment by fulfilling their demands thus, segmentation is critical for all businesses. The features like Wi-Fi, Camera, Bluetooth; Nokia provided in expensive mobiles only but recently, people can have all these features in just Rs. 5000 Mobile phone. The customer’s preference should be the prime concern for every company. This emergence not only changed the perception of customers but market direction shifted from one market leader to many others. But this fact cannot be left unnoticed that Nokia is market leader due to its reliability.


How Nokia can re-gain its market share? Give at least three suggestions and support each suggestion with solid argument(s).

dknol answers:

Have a look three suggestions as per my observation, I m too Student of VU and handling this GDB.

1) Nokia should adopted the new technology in touch plus making new application like android.
2) Nokia should introduced the mobiles in reachable prices because it is the best factor for Nokia to gain its market share as like before.
3) Nokia should adopted the new styles and using fancy bodies for their mobile sets with beautiful color.

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