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Betty asks…

How does a wave with constant frequency transmit different digital data?

For example, WiFi has a frequency of 2.4GHz. If the waves are always 2.4GHz, then how is data transmitted? What transmits different binary values (1's and 0's). Is it the amplitude of the wave that transmits the different data?

I also have another question. If WiFi and Bluetooth both operate on 2.4GHz waves, then can they receive each others' waves? Can they work together?

dknol answers:

Simple data transmissions use various methods of modulation, and amplitude modulation is one of them, where the amplitude of the RF varies. They all use varying amounts of bandwidth, which means the transmission is not at just 2.4 GHz, but varies around that frequency, usually 2402-2480 MHz.

Wifi uses a very complicated modulation scheme: “Wi-Fi uses both single-carrier direct-sequence spread spectrum radio technology (part of the larger family of spread spectrum systems) and multi-carrier orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) radio technology.” You can read more about these in the references. Frankly, they are beyond me.

Bluetooth uses different modulation methods than Wifi: “Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency-hopping spread spectrum, which chops up the data being sent and transmits chunks of it on up to 79 bands of 1 MHz width in the range 2402-2480 MHz. This is in the globally unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) 2.4 GHz short-range radio frequency band.”

George asks…

What is the best bluetooth headset for HTC Touch HD?

Hi guys i was looking to get a new bluetooth headset for my HD, but was wondering which one to get, as many of them dont work with my phone.
any comments will be appreciated.

dknol answers:

Hello, my friend, i really want to help you solve your problem. Bluetooth headset is conveniet in our daily life.

And a good headset offers the highest-quality voice available.

Several days ago, i happenend to login and bought a bluetooth headset. Thanks to the High -Quality (HQ) mode, which implements various advanced voice technologies and noise-canceling techniques to provide crystal-clear talk quality. And thanks to the dual-microphone design, you get high-bandwidth voice recording and playback.

So next time you're in the middle of a heated online gaming session, you won't have to worry that your allies don't understand.

Bluetooth Support Lets You Use It When you're done gaming, you can keep the headset on your ear for use with most Bluetooth- enabled cell phone.

I hope the website below will helpful to you.

Maria asks…

Does the playstation 3 bluetooth headset cause brain cancer?

Doctors say that cell phones and bluetooth sets cause brain cancer/tumors… But does that count as a playstation 3 one?

dknol answers:

Yes. Its not like the PS3 uses a different form of Bluetooth. After all, just about any Bluetooth cell phone headset works on the PS3.

EDIT: Bluetooth and cell phones emit radio waves that may be harmful to the body (there are not many long-term studies on the issue, so its still fairly inconclusive). The problem in relation to cell phones and Bluetooth with cancer is they are so close to your brain when you use them. Granted, Bluetooth has weaker waves, but they are still there and its still close to your brain. However, Bluetooth is even more inconclusive, as its a new technology with not a whole lot of studies yet.

However, your question asks whether or not this cancer would include the PS3 and the answer is YES IT DOES. Bluetooth is Bluetooth. It does not matter whether its being used for a phone or a game console. If there is any danger to Bluetooth in a cell phone, the danger is also present for PS3 use. Theoretically, the risk could be HIGHER on the PS3 since a Bluetooth headset for PS3 use could be close to your brain for longer periods than with a cell phone.

Donna asks…

What android apps do you have for flying?

What android app is the closest to ForeFlight? Do you other aviation android apps?

Could you all please do yourselves and all the other android using pilots a favor by sending ForeFlight a email asking them to make an android version of ForeFlight. Here is their email:

Thanks, Ryan

dknol answers:

Garmin Pilot rivals anything that you can find on Apple, including ForeFlight (and I actually prefer it to ForeFlight). Furthermore, if you pair it with the bluetooth GPS dongle, its in credibly accurate–I'd say just as accurate or more accurate than many of the GPS/INS systems we fly with in the Navy. Garmin Pilot has a fantastic, well organized display, and loads of features, some of which might save your life one day (like the Direct To Nearest Field function if you have an emergency). I literally fly with one at all times in case I have an emergency–its that good. Plus extra features like Garmin Safe Taxi! Are incredible and will make your life a lot easier if you like to fly into unknown airports.

Edit: Thumbs down for the truth? Apple fans drive me crazy. Let me guess, Garmin isn't hipster enough for you?

@Zaphod, Welcome to technology, we've been expecting you.

Susan asks…

Is there a wireless audio adaptor available on the market for connecting an audio output to earphones?

There are wireless HEADphone products available – but I want discreet earphones (for work) that connect wirelessly. I'm very sure the technology is available, but no-one seems to make them!! Instead of buying earphones, why can't I get a simple transmitter which plugs into a 3.5mm jack socket, and a receiver that you plug earphones into. Any suggestions for manufacturers to bother about this will be gratefully received…

dknol answers:

My coworker uses a usb bluetooth adapter, and connect it to a bluetooth mobile phone headset to listen to music. It's as if he's actually talking to someone on the phone. It's a great way for the boss not to disturb him as well.

The closest I can think of is

Or else you can invest but then it's not an earphone.

Good luck!

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