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Donna asks…

Speech to Microsoft Word Text, What program is used at the interface?

I've seen people walk around their homes on a bluetooth headset of just sit in a Starbucks on a wired headset talking to their computer while their computer writes their speech into Microsoft Word. I'm wondering what is the program used at the interface for this? How can I do this for schooling projects etc. Does anybody know?

dknol answers:

It's available here

You also can find more information from their research group too. Http://

Lisa asks…

In what ways can I download music to my samsung freeform II ?

See, this is my first phone, I'm getting used to technology, & I don't know any way of how to upload music to my phone. I have a samsung freeform II. Does that help?
I've tried the internet for solutions, but that dosen't help. -__- , so I decided to go on Yahoo & just ask this.

dknol answers:

1. Transfers songs using the usb cable: If you have music on your computer you can transfer them to your phone. Plug your phone up to the computer using the USB cord. Allow the drivers to be installed. Click on the My Computer icon and you should see your phone listed. Double click you phone icon to open the window. Minimize the window then locate your music files. Copy the music files you want and paste them in the Phone window.

2. Receive Songs Via Bluetooth:If someone has a song that you want on their phone they can can send it to you via bluetooth. If you have questions on how to do this refer to the manual.

3. METRO studio: This is an app from Metropcs that allows you to buy and download songs to your phone. I do believe there is a bundle package that you can buy that allows you a certain amount of songs per month for a flat fee.

Chris asks…

Can you use the wireless keyboard from a Web Tv set on a desktop?

I have a Gateway desktop and I have the complete Sony T250 Web TV set. Can I use the wireless keyboard from the WebTV set on the desktop?

dknol answers:

No and for a variety of reasons. The WebTV keyboard communicates with an IR (infra red) signal – the same type of signal used by TV remotes. As you’re probably aware a remote control for a Sony TV doesn’t work with a Panasonic TV, and for that reason the WebTV keyboard only works with the WebTV box.

Wireless Keyboards that work with computers use Bluetooth technology.

Hopefully I’ve answered your question.

Carol asks…

What is Bluetooth, what's it do, and how do I get it????????

I want Bluetooth for my pda (which already has bluetooth) and my desktop pc. What is bluetooth and what could I do if I did get the connection and how do I get the connection? 10 points to the winner!

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a standard and technology using the standard that allows for wireless devices to find, identify, and communicate with each other.

What you're asking for is a universal Bluetooth receiver; it plugs into your computer (probably through a USB port, but not always), and lets your computer interact with other wireless devices. Be careful, though; there are many types of Bluetooth receivers: some are for hands-free phone use, others for wireless headphones, and others are for video games (the Nintendo Wii uses this with the controllers).

Your PDA probably came with a cable that connects it to your computer. This cable is faster than a Bluetooth connection, because wireless connections are inherently slower than wired ones.

David asks…

What type of bluetooth should i use for my cell phone?

I just bought a Samsung Behold and i want to know what type of bluetooth to use i want one that will give me good sound and one that i don't have to yell just so they can hear me and it has to be small i dont like the big bulk bluetooth. i got a good so i need a really good blutooth. ;)

dknol answers:

Well, first of all, what you want is a “wireless device”; “Bluetooth” is the technology that comes with all wireless devices.

I wish everyone would stop calling them bluetooth…….ugh!

To answer your question, though, I would look into the Plantronics 925 Discovery model; the call clarity is superb, it's really stylish (if that matters to you), but the best thing I like about the device is that it's a “multi-point” device, meaning that, since I have two phones (one for personal use; one for business use), I can have both phones connected to the device to receive calls. Most other wireless devices don't have that capability.

By the way, it's on my ear (in my picture).

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