Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Lizzie asks…

How can I connect a printer wirelessly to my laptop without a router? Which printer would be the best?

I would like to connect a printer to my computer through wireless technology but I don't want the printer to have to use a local network to do it. I would like to connect directly to my printer. Also, I want an all-in-one printer that is around the $150 range. Any suggestions?

dknol answers:

If you don't wane use LAN then you have to but the printer which has WIFI or bluetooth connection , then you can easily use it or else another way is to but wireless printer router which is specially made for prints , all you have to do is just to connect your printer with its cable to that router and then the router is sending wireless signal that could be detect by your laptop WIFI .

Thats it and no other choice ;)

Sandy asks…

How to upload mobile pictures onto computer?

I'm very late of technology – handyman that doesn't need to use computers etc.
So question is : How do you upload mobile phone pictures. My motorolla phone is able to take pictures but I don't know how to get it onto the computer.
Thanks princess J it worked (MMS) But I wondering how much does it cost to mms picture onto computer by email?

dknol answers:

You can send the picture by MMS to your email or send it by bluetooth (buy a bluetooth dongle)

Mary asks…

Do wired headphones really have better sound quality than wireless?

So I have enough money to buy a fairly nice pair of headsets ($100ish) and I have been looking on the internet and a lot of people think you get a lot better sound quality from wired headphones than from bluetooth. Obviously this is true as bluetooth wont transmit data as well as a traditional cord I imagine. However, How big is the difference in audio quality between wired and wireless headphones?

dknol answers:

HAHHAAHAHAHA (Dave Chapel Pretending to be Prince Voice)

Different people hear things differently than others. There most definitely are people who would be considered audiophiles. However that word more accurately describes someone who thinks they can tell the difference. Anyways not counting the people who think they are audiophiles if you grab a bunch of random people most of them can't tell the difference between good and great and will most likely tell you that whatever they thought sounded better was the one that was actually louder or had more bass.

Is it true that any audiophile quality headphone is going to be wired? Absolutely is wireless new technology NOT A CHANCE since wireless headphones go back before my birth 1983. But the current common wireless tech is bluetooth and it is not the best tech to use for maximum quality. 2.4GHz is as long as it is implemented properly. They both have issues. Bluetooth Audio is highly compressed and does not have static but can expereince packet loss which you could mistake for static. The other thing is that when you buy bluetooth headphones a decent amount of money will be going into the BT technology. So for example if you paid $50 for them chances are they will sound on par with a $5 pair of headphones. Now if you buy a $300 pair of bluetooth headphones you may be looking at more like $250 headphones but never sounding better than MP3 because the BT sound stream is compressed. Thats why the extremely high end bluetooth headphones may include an analog cable to get a full quality sound into the headphones.

Good luck! Chances are you are not an audiophile and that you will find a $50 pair of BT headphones a good buy. That is if you have ever been happy with any pair of headphones that cost less than $50 since most $50 headphones are on par with $5 headphones.

If you are an audiophile you already know it and no matter what you are you don't need others to answer these questions for you. Go demo 2 pairs of headphones that fit your fancy and then go demo a $500 pair of headphones. Besides bass if you don't hear anything jump out at you then you don't need a $500 pair of headphones.

I just bought my Wife a pair of $35 wireless over the ear bluetooth headphones. She LOVES them the guy at the counter said everybody loves them. I think they sound like GARBAGE complete garbage but I own a pair of HD 590s for my computer and HD 700 for solo listening. In the living room we upgraded from Vienna Acoustics Haydn Bookshelfs to Beethoven Baby Grand Loudspeakers and the only difference she could tell was the bass when the subwoofer was off.

So my wife would have been happy with a bose system. I would not.

Too each our own you need to go try it for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that this is not good enough for you or that this is too good for you. You make that distinction yourself.

Carol asks…

How do I hook up my Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor through a Wireless Network?

I am helping a friend set up a new desktop. He wants to be able to keep his desktop in his office and have a second access in his den to use his desktop on the TV, with a second set of keyboard/mouse. Can he do this through a wireless network router? Also, can he use HDMI through the network?
He wants to use his desktop on the TV to play netfix, or computer games, just with his TV as the monitor.

dknol answers:

That is impossible because all wireless keyboards and mice use bluetooth and only have a range of say 2, 3 metres. The only way you could do the above is attach a WiFi interface to your keyboard mouse and monitor which is currently not possible. You could do it with the keyboard if you do what this guy did:

but the mouse and monitor wont happen.

The only thing you could do is buy a small laptop or notebook, which you keep in the den. Then you connect your monitor to that through the HDMI cable if it has one or serial port. Then you use the bluetooth technology to wirelessly control ur laptop through ur keyboard and mouse. And then create a local area network so that you can access all the files on your desktop tower in your office to your laptop. Or you could just set it up as a Client server, with the desktop in your office acting as your server and your laptop as your client.

Also Im not sure what you mean by using the desktop on the TV? Do you mean use your monitor to stream what is on your TV? I think you'd need one of these:

Daniel asks…

Can a bluetooth be used on a landline?

I see people walking around with a ‘telephone apparatus' on their ear and I think it's called a bluetooth. Can this item be used with a cordless landline, or is it only for use with a cellphone.

dknol answers:

Well if your home phone is bluetooth then yes. I am a service technician for Basic Communications.I fix, update and improve Sprint and Nextel phones for over a year now.

Bluetooth is just wireless technology. It isn't just wireless earpieces. For example, if you have a bluetooth camera phone and a bluetooth printer, (and there are blutooth printers by HP,) you can take a picture and send it to the printer without plugging it in, or loading a memory card to the printer its self. Then just print it out. Same with a fax machine.

So to answer your question, yes you can if you have a home phone that is bluetooth capable. You just need to sinc it up with a bluetooth earpiece.

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