Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Maria asks…

Whats a good bluetooth headset to buy for the ps3?

I need to either buy it from bestbuy or gamestop?
I read the reviews of all the bluetooths and some people say its dosen't work, you can't hear your teammates, and it doesn't charge up????
so what type of bluetooth should i get?

dknol answers:

You can't go wrong with the official Sony Bluetooth 2.0. It has voice command, crystal clear sound quality, a very handy mute button, volume controls and a charging dock. One feature that drew my friend toward this headset is that you can use it while it is charging on the dock, which is very useful when your battery dies at a crucial moment. The design is also very sleek and comfortable to wear behind the ear, design-wise it is a big improvement over the 1.0. Voice cancelation technology was also added to the 2.0 which the 1.0 lacked. The Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset retails for around $50.

If you want a cheaper bluetooth headset I would definitely recommend the Gioteck EX-02s. It also features noice-cancelling and superior sound clarity for a cheap headset. It has interchangeable faceplates which are very awesome. It also has extremely long battery life, which I was impressed by when I bought one as a temporary headset. I fell in love with it and actually used it for longer than I intended. The ear hook is comfy as well and Gioteck provide two ear-hooks, one for a lefty and one for a righty. The external speaker sits comfortably on the ear rather than inside it, allowing for extended gameplay in comfort. It retails for around $20-$30 and the sleek facias are a very stylish bonus.

I hope I have given you some ideas :D

William asks…

why cant i transfer files via bluetooth on my alltell hue?

i can connect and add people on my bluetooth list but i cant transfer sound bites or anything else.. can you help?

dknol answers:

Alltel blocks many bluetooth profiles just as Verizon Wireless does. What that means is that they disable certain bluetooth features, such as the support to transfer sound files.

They prefer to use BREW technology, which forces you to use the services that Alletl provides, making you pay them rather than getting it for free.

Alltel blocks the push profile for sound clips on your phone.

There is no way to enable this bluetooth profile.

Paul asks…

How does bluetooth work?

Ok…so I have a little bluetooth menu thing on my cellphone. I can find other devices, they can find me, and i can even pair myself with them. But, when I try to send something it says that the file transfer failed because the receiving device (my phone) did not respond. What do I need to do to make it work?

dknol answers:

Depending on the sophistication of the bluetooth devices being used with your cellphone, their security, and I am assuming that you own those bluetooth devices, file transfer procedures vary. Bluetooth is a technology that has a lot of potential for malicious activity so security has been added. For example, if I want to use my bluetooth wireless device in my car, I first have to make my cell phone pick up my device. I have to make device pick up my cell phone. And then I have to tell the cell phone to pick up and connect only that one particular device in the future. And then I have to tell the device to pick and connect to only my cell phone in the future. So whenever my cell phone sends out a signal, I will be sure that my device and ONLY my device will pick up the signal and my conversation is not being heard anywhere.

Bluetooth has a fairly short range but still things can go wrong if you are not careful. Now the problem that you are having, it seems to me that your phone detects the bluetooth device but cannot connect to it because the other device is probably not configured properly and it is rejecting the connection. In other words, the pairing has not been done right or correctly. Do the pairing again. If you have done that and the problem still exists, you are probably just outside the range of the device so that you can still pick up the device, but data transfer is too slow or not stable enough so when the data is received, it is corrupted and/or incomplete.

How do you fix that, get closer!

Other than that, maybe the device is just faulty and exchange it for another one.

Robert asks…

What is the difference between polynomial basis and normal basis in elliptic curve cryptography?

Hi, I need someone to explain the difference between normal basis and polynomial basis in ecc. Which is more secure and easier to use?

dknol answers:

You might have interest in the following for the solution of your question.

8th International Conference
on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS '10)
June 22-25 2010, Beijing, China

Submissions due Feb. 5, 2010 (FIRM)

Notification by Mar. 31, 2010

Camera-ready due Apr. 20, 2010

Original papers on all aspects of applied cryptography and network security are solicited for submission to ACNS '10. Topics of relevance include but are not limited to:

?Applied cryptography and provably-secure cryptographic protocols
?Design and analysis of efficient cryptographic primitives: public-key and symmetric-key
cryptosystems, block ciphers, and hash functions
?Network security protocols
?Techniques for anonymity; trade-offs between anonymity and utility
?Integrating security into the next-generation Internet: DNS security, routing, naming, denial-of-service attacks, TCP/IP, secure multicast
?Economic fraud on the Internet: phishing, pharming, spam, and click fraud
?Email and web security
?Public key infrastructure, key management, certification, and revocation
?Security and privacy for emerging technologies: sensor networks, mobile (ad hoc) networks, peer-to-peer networks, bluetooth, 802.11, RFID
?Trust metrics and robust trust inference in distributed systems
?Security and usability
?Intellectual property protection and digital rights management
?Modeling and protocol design for rational and malicious adversaries
?Automated analysis of protocols

Papers suggesting novel paradigms, original directions, or non-traditional perspectives are especially welcome.

As in previous years, there will be an academic track and an industrial track. Submissions to the academic track should emphasize research contributions, while submissions to the industrial track may focus on implementation and deployment of real-world systems. Please indicate in the title for submissions to the industrial track. The academic track will have proceedings published in Springer's LNCS and will be available at the conference. The industrial track will only have presentations without formal proceedings.

Instructions for authors

All submissions will be blind reviewed. The paper must be anonymous, with no author names, affiliations, acknowledgements, or obvious references. It should begin with a title, a short abstract, and a list of keywords. Submissions must not substantially duplicate work that was published elsewhere, or work that any of the authors has submitted in parallel to any other conference or workshop that has proceedings.
The final proceedings version will be a paper of at most 18 pages in the llncs style, which corresponds to around 7000 words of text. The document submitted (excluding appendices) should correspond to what the authors expect to be published if their paper is accepted without modification. We therefore strongly recommend that authors check whether their paper (without appendices) will fit within the above llncs space constraints. Committee members are not required to review more than that, so the paper should be intelligible and self-contained within this length. Submissions not meeting these guidelines risk rejection without consideration of their merits.
Authors will be asked to indicate whether their submissions should be considered for the best student paper award; any paper co-authored by a full-time student is eligible for this award. Authors of accepted papers must guarantee that their paper will be presented at the conference.

General Chair

Yongfei Han (BJUT & ONETS, China)

Program Chairs

Jianying Zhou (I2R, Singapore)
Moti Yung (Columbia University & Google, USA)

Organzing Chairs

Jian Li (Beijing University of Technology, China)
Yu Wang (ONETS, China)

Publicity Chairs

Javier Lopez (University of Malaga, Spain)
Tsuyoshi Takagi (FUN, Japan)
Sijin Li (ONETS, China)

Program Committee

Michel Abdalla (ENS, France)
Ben Adida (Harvard University, USA)
N. Asokan (Nokia, Finland)
Joonsang Baek (I2R, Singapore)
Lucas Ballard (Google, USA)
Feng Bao (I2R, Singapore)
Lujo Bauer (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Alex Biryukov (Uni. Of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Alexandra Boldyreva (Georgia Tech, USA)
Colin Boyd (QUT, Australia)
Levente Buttyan (BME, Hungary)
Liqun Chen (HP Laboratories, UK)
Songqing Chen (George Mason University, USA)
Debra Cook (Telcordia, USA)
Cas Cremers (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati (UNIMI, Italy)
Robert Deng (SMU, Singapore)
Orr Dunkelman (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Dieter Gollmann (TU Hamburg-Harburg, Germany)
Stefanos Gritzalis (University of the Aegean, Greece)
Marc Joye (Thomson R&D, France)
Charanjit Jutla (IBM, USA)
Jonathan Katz (University of Maryland, USA)
Angelos Keromytis (Columbia University, USA)
Xuejia Lai (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Dong Hoon Lee (Korea University, Korea)
Ninghui Li (Purdue University, USA)

James asks…

Good software for Mac to make ringtones and send via Bluetooth?

Good software for Mac to make ringtones and send via Bluetooth?

I cannot seem to find much for the Mac.

dknol answers:

What's up Jason,
I called a few places on my new I-Phone. You wouldn't beleive how awesome the technology is on this thing. All I have to do is open it and it practically does the rest by itself. Anyway, all I basically found was the link below that I pasted for you. Use this link for google, there is a ton of ideas for you to use. There is a various bunch of downloads, ones you can buy and free ones for your MAC to accept ringtones. All I ask is that you be careful on some of these links, A few of them looked kind of crooked if you know what I mean! Sorry I couldn't be much more help than that Jason. Hey! Give me a jingle sometime if you want! You sound like a pretty level headed guy. Coming from a married guy I can appreciate that. My # is 1-801-466-4659 I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ask for Robert. Good Luck on your quest Jason!

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