Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Carol asks…

What is the future of Landline phone technology ?

I see a lot of things happening in Cell Phones. Similarly, a lot of things are happening in Internet telephony. However, I am not observing any major developments taking place with Landline phones e.g. no bluetooth for landline phones. Is Landline phone becoming obsolete (or already has became so) ?

dknol answers:

Land lines are being replaced by FiOS service, this will take a long time, but eventuallay everyone who has a “home phone” will either be on VoIP or some other type of phone over fiber optic…

Businesses still do not benifit from going to an all VoIP set up, as if there internet connection goes down, then they lose all of there voice lines, which can be a huge problem for a business… As compared to land lines the odds of a business losing all phone lines at the same time is rare (it can happen, but the odds of a single internet connection going down compared to all of the land lines comming into a business is greater… )

RBOC companies are not putting any more money into the copper infustructure… They may make repairs, as needed, to band-aid a problem cable, but all of there resources are going to FTTP…

Video is going to become a bigger part in phone communications in the future… As bandwith increases, and the technology improves… While video confrenceing is available today, and has been for some time, i believe that we are going to see more personal use for video calls in home phones, and cellular phones in the next few years..

Richard asks…

Can you name me technologies you use for ICT please its for my ICT coursework?

I mean technologies as in stuff you use when your out with your friends for example a camera or your phone.

dknol answers:

Phone and camera are not a technology but a result of the technology.

Do you mean Information and Communication Technology?
The tech may be bluetooth, wifi, wimax, nanotech, HD, HDI, etc. If you mean the gadgets? Cellphone, gps, mp3/mp4 players, etc.

Donna asks…

Does anyone know how to lower the mic volume on a BlackBerry 7100t?

I just recently purchased a used Blackberry 7100t for t-mobile and I have noticed and received numerous complaints about how much background noise is picked up on the mic. Does anyone know of any way to lower the mic volume? Does anyone else have any problems with the BlackBerry?


dknol answers:

There is no way to lower the mic volume. You can lower your speaker volume but they will still hear the noise. I have been using BB's for over a year and NEVER heard this complaint! If you've had it for a short time take it back to location where you bought it and have them swap it out. It's probably either defective or you are just in noisy enivronments. You could also try a bluetooth headset with noise cancelling technology!

George asks…

How do bluetooth headsets work?

Obviously the headset goes around your ear, but how do you get the connection from your phone to connect to the headset? Is there something to plug into my phone, do only certain phones work with bluetooth?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth headsets connect wirelessly to devices using a radio technology. All you need to have is a Bluetooth enabled phone or device.

Michael asks…

What is the least expensive printer, but reliable blue tooth compatible printer?

I bought my daughter a computer with blue tooth capability, but the printer with bluetooth capability at best buy is too bulky and costs too much. Is there a reliable printer out there under 300 dollars with bluetooth capability? That will not take up too much room on her small desk in her dorm room at college?
I know that wifi is the way to go for most printer connectivity besides USB. bluetooth will be used for other devices (phones, cameras, etc)

dknol answers:

I don't know of any Bluetooth printers. Most printers these days are wifi. The HPs sold at Best Buy all have WPA 1 encryption. The HP c4385 is a good entry level model. You can also step up to the HP c7280 which has built in wireless plus a fax, document feeder, and a duplexer (print on both sides of paper).

The HP c6280 has built in ethernet, so it can hookup to a wireless router if the printer can sit next to the wireless router. If that is not an option, you can also consider using powerline technology. You just need to buy 2 powerline adapters. One plugs near your router, and the other plugs in near your near your printer. Powerline can be used with the c6280. The c6280 is priced at $199.99. Look for it in the Sunday ads. It goes on sale often.

Bluetooth just doesn't make any sense when you have wifi that gives you the capability of sharing it with all computers in your home. It still has its place for people who do not have wireless routers.

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