Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Steven asks…

How do you connect two computers with wireless?

I want to connect two laptops in my house using wireless so we can play games on LAN or whatever. I have no idea how to do it. Iv tried to make a new connection on both laptops but dont know what else to try.

dknol answers:

Wi-Fi connections can reach a greater distance than the wireless alternatives listed above. Many newer computers, especially laptops, now contain built-in Wi-Fi capability, making it the preferred choice in most situations. Wi-Fi can be used either with or without a network fixture. With two computers, Wi-Fi networking minus a fixture (also called ad-hoc mode) is especially simple to set up.
How To – Set Up an Ad Hoc WiFi Network
Bluetooth technology supports reasonably high-speed wireless connections between two computers without the need for a network fixture. Bluetooth is more commonly used when networking a computer with a consumer handheld device like a cell phone. Most desktop and older computers do not possess Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth works best if both devices are in the same room in close proximity to each other. Consider Bluetooth if you have interest in networking with handheld devices and your computers lack Wi-Fi capability.

Infrared networking existed on laptops years before either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies became popular. Infrared connections only work between two computers, do not require a fixture, and are reasonably fast. Being very simple to set up and use, consider infrared if your computers support it and you lack the desire to invest effort in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

If you find mention of an alternative wireless technology called HomeRF, you can safely ignore it. HomeRF technology became obsolete several years ago and is not a practical option for home networking.

Susan asks…

What are the benifits of getting a headset?

I just want to know the benefits of having a headset because Im thinking of getting one. I dont want to spend a lot of money on one and never use one again, so please tell me if I should get one and what kind if so or why not?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth technology makes mobile phones more functional, with handy little earbud headsets that are completely wireless and allow for hands-free answering and talking on the cell phone. In fact, Bluetooth wireless technology has made many electronic components wireless and far surpasses infrared in its usefulness and practicality. Use good headset always it also care your phone as well as year so best head phones are Jawbone Era, Plantronics M55, Blueant Q2, Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd , can see cheap rate, good headset in this site

Bluetooth is a high-speed, low powered wireless link technology that is designed to connect phones or other portable equipment together with little to no work required by the user. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth technology does not require line of site positioning to work. From a technical standpoint, Bluetooth is very different indeed. It is the best wireless method in the world, surpassing even infrared. For communication on the go, Bluetooth is indeed very hard to compete with.

Benefits of Bluetooth For Cell Phones

1. Hands-Free Cell Phone Use
For cell phones using wireless Bluetooth cell phone headsets allows you to use your mobile phone completely hands-free for driving safety, especially since many states, like California, now have mandatory hands-free cell phone use law while driving.

2. Bluetooth is Inexpensive
Bluetooth technology is cheap for companies to implement, which results in lower costs for the consumer on Bluetooth products and especially Bluetooth cell phone headsets. The average price for a Bluetooth cell phone headset is about $35 and even less when avoiding retail stores and shopping online.

3. Bluetooth is Automatic and User Friendly
Bluetooth does not have set up a connection or push any buttons. When two or more devices enter a range of up to 30 feet of each other, they will automatically begin to communicate. For cell phones, the user need not touch the phone, but instead can leave it in their pocket and perform most of the cell phone tasks by using the in-ear Bluetooth headset. Those functions include, completely wireless, hands-free answering and talking on the cell phone.

4. Bluetooth Provides Very Low Interference
Bluetooth devices usually avoid interference from other wireless devices by using frequency hopping and also low power wireless signals.

5. Bluetooth is Reliable and Universal
Bluetooth technology is a world wide, universal wireless standard. As more and more devices started to use the Bluetooth technology, more manufacturers are making make their products compatible with it making it a standard for wireless.

6. Bluetooth Consumes Little Energy
Because Bluetooth uses low power signals, it requires very little energy and will use less battery power as a result. This is an excellent benefit for ell phones because Bluetooth will not drain the battery juice.
So i think my answer will solve your purpose. Best of luck and happy new year.

Charles asks…

How to move or transfer images from mobile phone to computer ?

I want to know how I can transfer or move the images in my mobile . What cable is used for it ?

dknol answers:

Quoted by: Kalra®™

Free Ways to Transfer Photos
There are two main ways to transfer photographs from your cameraphone to your computer, given that you are making use of your mobile handset's internal memory and not a media card found in the expansion slots of some cell phones.

USB Cable: This is probably the most common method for retrieving your treasured snapshots. Most cell phones on the market do not come bundled with a USB cable to connect / synchronize with a computer, and as such, oftentimes you have to look to stores that sell Cell Phone Accessories. Be wary about your purchase, because while the USB end of the cable is fairly universal, the part that connects to your cellular phone is quite specialized. Each brand of mobile phone maker usually has their own propriety interface, and even within a brand, there can be several connectors. What may work with a Motorola V600 may not work with a RAZR. The second consideration is the software. Some cables come with a CD or information about a website that contains the necessary software for your handset to connect to your computer. For example, Motorola uses something called Mobile Phone Tools. Check with sites like Forums] for manufacturer specific discussions.
Bluetooth: Why mess with cables and cords, when you can go wireless with Bluetooth Technology. Provided that your cell phone has this feature and has the OBEX (object exchange) profile, you can wirelessly transfer your photos to your computer using Bluetooth. Of course, you will also need to invest in something for your computer so that it becomes Bluetooth capable as well (there are several “dongles” available, some priced at under $20), unless it already sports this ability (some new laptops come with built-in Bluetooth). Again, there is likely some software involved, but typically, it need not be manufacturer specific.
Cellular-Based Methods to Send Pictures
If you're away from your computer, you can still send your pictures to your loved ones. However, the majority of these transfers will cost you money, with the exception of Bluetooth.

MMS: Standing for Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS is essentially a more advanced version of SMS (short messaging service) or what is more commonly known as “sending text messages”. Using MMS, you can send pictures, sounds, and videos to other cellular phones much in the same way that you send text messages. Bear in mind that while some service plans will include a certain number of MMS messages free of charge, it can be quite expensive if you have to pay for them on top. Check with your service provider.
Mobile E-mail: Many phones are not only capable of sending text messages, but also have the ability to send e-mails, just as you would from your personal computer. In this way, any number of different files can be attached to an email message, and the picture files on cellular phones are no different. Like MMS, this can be a costly endeavor if overused, because mobile providers like Cingular and Bell Mobility can charge hefty rates for wireless data.
Bluetooth: While you cannot use Bluetooth to send your pictures to a friend half way across the country (or across town, for that matter), you can make use of the wireless technology for short range transfers (i.e., with someone in the same room). First, both of your phones must be Bluetooth capable and have OBEX activated (Verizon sometimes “cripples” this ability in their handsets, for whatever reason). Check your user manuals for specific instructions, but typically you go to your phone's photo album, select “copy”, select “use Bluetooth”, and allow it to search for “partners”. The receiving party will have to activate something similar to “Find Me” in their Bluetooth connections menu.

John asks…

How do you stop 2 wireless mice from interfering with each other while both PCs are being used?

Have 2 PCs,each with wireless mouse; but they interfere with each other when both are used at the same time

dknol answers:

Using mice from different manufacturers will sometimes work, but standard wireless technology uses the same frequency among all brands and therefore does not discriminate against competing signals. Currently, only Bluetooth wireless technology will allow this.

Bluetooth can carry a code along with the signal that identifies itself to the receiver as being the right mouse/keyboard for that computer.

If the computer that you're using does not have Bluetooth built in, don't worry. Almost all bluetooth mice come with a USB adapter that will allow you to connect the mouse, keyboard, and up to four other devices all at the same time.

Michael asks…

How do I use my Motorola H350 headset with my Macbook as a microphone?

I want to use my motorola H350 headset with my Macbook as a headset/headphones…is this even possible. I learned that it wont pick up the music from my cell phone. If it wont work with my Macbook eighter im taking the thing back…

dknol answers:

Does your macbook have bluetooth? If not than its not going to work. I don't even think that that can work with a headset. You would need stereo bluetooth headphones. The reason that it doesnt work with your cell phone is that it is not made to. The headset that you have is for talking hands free. You will need to check and see if your phone is capable to use a bluetooth stereo headset before you buy one. The stereo headset is a set of headphones that connect to your phone/computer with bluetooth technology

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