Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Daniel asks…

What is a Good Bluetooth Headset for the Sidekick Lx?

I have never used a bluetooth headset before lol so im unsure of what is good. I have a sidekick lx so if anyone can tell me a good one to use with that phone i would appreciate it Thanks.

dknol answers:

Hi poisonivyheart,

I am prejudice towards the Platronics because of the great luck I have had with them.

Here is the one I recommend for over the ear. To see it and read about it including user reviews go here –

I think you would really like it.


Sandra asks…

What technologies of Star Trek do you find outdated?

When watching any of the Star Trek Series I have noticed that a lot of the technology on the show has been outdated. Such as the PADDs that they always carry around as well as their touchscreens. I noticed there is no swiping or pinching motions on the touchscreen in TNG.

dknol answers:

In The Original Series, they had data chips that obviously held very little information because they kept having to change chips for the next segment of a video. The original series also had quite thick monitors with displays that looked like projections, obviously flat screens had not been considered at that time. On the early episodes of the original series, Spock carried a mid 20th century flight computer which is a slide ruler designed specifically for calculating the heading for an airplane in a cross wind, the center console is an astrogator based on slide ruler concepts of space navigation, pretty much all of the ships from all the Star Trek series and movies had an astrogator except the Bajoran solar sailor which had a sextant.

The swiping and pinching came from the concept of multi-touch controls which was never considered in the past because they used to scan touch screens much as an electron gun would scan a TV screen. This scanning approach was because one of the early user interfaces was a light pen which was a stick with a photocell at the tip which you touched to the computer or TV screen, you knew where the electron beam was so you knew where the light pen was when the photocell lit up. This was extended to the gun that arcade games had for shooting games. It just never occurred to anyone that you could detect more than one touch at a time till Apple did it. You'll notice that the wedge shaped pads in The Original Series used pens for input.

There's an X-prize for the first medical tricorder capable of diagnosing 15 conditions. There are already glucose meters, ecg's, blood pressure meters and a scale that have bluetooth so all that's needed is an app and someone to create a diagnosis flow chart for 15 conditions. The glucose test could be adapted to detect a wide variety of blood components.

William asks…

How secure is using infra-red to transmit data between two devices? And how costly is it?

say using infrared to transmit data between 2 cell phones or 2 laptops, are there any security issues? Can the data be stolen by anyone? and does it cost anything, if yeah why and if no why? thanks

dknol answers:

A lot of older devices had Infra-red data ports built in – ‘IRDA'.

If your gadgets have that, then it's free…

With the advent of Bluetooth, which is much faster and more reliable, IRDA has gradually been dropped. You can probably still buy add-on IRDA adaptors, but I always found it very tricky to get working well.

Theoretically, someone with just the right gear could ‘snoop' an infra-red link, but that's theoretically possible with WiFi, Bluetooth or just about any technology – and for infra-red, they would have to be able to see the gear directly, where with radio links they could be out of sight.

Sandy asks…

Can you give any examples of the French using English words as the name of a new technology?

I know there are many examples, but I can't think of any.
So I'm basically looking for English words for new technology, which are used by the French because they don't have an equivalent, like “email”.

dknol answers:

Mémoire flash
cloud computing
back office

And many, many more, especialy in computer science

email is courriel in French, but many people say email

Linda asks…

How do you upload photos/music to and from a nokia c3?

I have no idea on how to use bluetooth, just wondering if someone with a Nokia C3 can give me advice?


dknol answers:

Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short wavelength radio transmissions) from fixed and mobile devices.Your c3 go
Select Menu > Settings >. Connectivity > Bluetooth for Bluetooth setting .

Upload photos and video clips straight to your social networks or favourite sharing services.

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