Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Sandy asks…

is it possible to have one bluetooth for two devices, such as an iphone and a gps?

i don't want to look like i am an electronic robot or i have huge hearing aids but i can tolerate one bluetooth device. will it work at the same time with two different devices such as a phone and gps?

dknol answers:

Reading through some Bluetooth spec's on Wikipedia leads me to believe that only a single connection can be established at a time. While it is possible to have both devices aware of the bluetooth itself, the technology hasn't advanced enough to communicate simultaneously with separate devices.

Sandra asks…

Are there any good wireless bluetooth speakers?

I am looking for speakers to put in my bedroom. My ideal speaker would include the following:

– Set of 2 WIRELESS speakers so I can put one on each side of my bed
– Great sound quality
– No cracking/popping noise with high volume
– Can connect to iPhone 4 and MacBook

Thank you very much!

dknol answers:

Sony and lg are best in sound technologies, so you can get good sony or lg wireless bluetooth speakers.

Better search for google – like sony or lg wireless bluetooth speakers

Linda asks…

How to connect to internet via bluetooth?

Hey guys
I want to connect to internet using my samsung galaxy via bluetooth .i am using ubuntu 11.10. Thanks in advance… appreciate your help

dknol answers:

Technology become more flexible.go to any mobile shop and ask this question to your retailer.
Maybe it will help you

Chris asks…

why does my bluetooth not work on my blackberry curve 8520?

i got a blackberry curve 8520 for my birthday and i went on bluetooth setup and tried to connect with my old phone but it keeps saying connection failed?
ive seen stuff like are they in discover mode but what is that and how do i do it?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a many headed technology. Depending on what you want to transfer between the phones, either your old phone or the Blackberry may not have the right bluetooth coding to either send or receive that type of information. You may be able to look up online what types of Bluetooth both phones are capable of.
Also, it sounds like you may be trying to put both phones in Discover mode when trying to pair them. You only need one phone in discover mode and the other phone scans for that phone. Then try pairing them.

Mandy asks…

How to connect a cordless headphone to a samsung mini tablet?

I have an mp3 bluetooth headphone i connected it to my computer but i cannot connect it to my samsung mini tablet (i font know the proper name). What can i do are they incompatible they did not come together

dknol answers:

Bluetooth technology has to have two parts. Your headphone has one, your computer has the other. The mini tablet might have none. Http:// has Bluetooth. Http:// has it too.
I guess you could read the instructions that came with your tablet.

You may have to buy a Bluetooth adapter that will plug into your tablet. Since you don't know the proper name, I cannot tell you what tablet you have, what will plug into it (if anything) that is Bluetooth capable. Here is a guess:

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