Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

George asks…

Need a recommendation for a great land line bluetooth phone system?

I am starting up a home office and want a phone system that is not too pricey but I can wear the same headset to answer my cell and land line. Any recommendations? Does this technology even exist?

dknol answers:

This device will connect upto 3 bluetooth cell phones and your landline (or VoIP, with an ATA) phone….


then you can get a handset for your landline phone from plantronics….

Lizzie asks…

How do i connect my iphone 4 to my 2009 acura tsx wireless phone bluetooth?

iphone 4 just keeps saying searching and i have the tsx technology car as well.

dknol answers:

Enter your info and follow the instructions:

Linda asks…

Can two phones from different providers still connect with bluetooth?

I have a T-Mobile Samsung Blast and my sister has a Verizon Chocolate. Both Phones have the blue technology in them yet they wont connect. Is it because they have different providers?

dknol answers:

Dude, here in may lie your problem, now all phones have to ability to connect to others. I had a samsung with bluetooth and the only thing i could do was connect to a headset. In the bluetooth menu somewhere there should be a thing that says service or something. If it only says headset/handsfree then you cant connect to other phones. If there is file share or file transfer and push messages or something you can connect and may simply hav too many devices in your fone. Bluetooth has nothing to do with the service provider and unlike athe answer above a few people, walls will not impede your bluetooth link and thats taken directly from the bluetooth site. If i havent diagnosed the proble or answered the question at hand go to the link below and learn up. And if you really want more info go to and search the bluetooth and you will get some cool stuff

Sharon asks…

How do you install a bluetooth adapter into your computer?

My dad says he has bluetooth capability on his laptop, does that mean that he can just call people on his computer, or does it mean I can send music from his computer to my phone?
If it means that I can send music, [to my Verizon Chocolate phone], how would I be able to do it?

dknol answers:

It depends on the computer where to go but it needs to pair with the device just like any other bluetooth technology. You need them both to be in pairing mode and have them fairly close, once the computer recognizes the phone you're set and it should pick it up whenever your phone is near and they are both bluetooth active

Jenny asks…

What would you do to whomever invented Bluetooth?

Personally, I'd give a life sentence. And no bail.

This cursed device has given an extra edge to all the ignorant, obnoxious morons out there, of whom there never was any shortage. We really didn't need it.

Human stupidity is inevitable and somehow we have to put up with it, but we could at least try to keep a lid on it rather than give it a boost.

Technology shouldn't be for everybody. In my opinion, it should only be handed out to IQs outside the moronic range.

dknol answers:

I would give them blue teeth.

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