Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Donna asks…

What is the data speed of bluetooth?

Does anyone know how fast bluetooth communicates with other electronics like my computer for example? I am currently using my LG Shine as a modem via bluetooth so I can access my 3G connection. My ultimate question would be, does the bluetooth limit my connection rate to the internet?

dknol answers:

The technology is the same as that of the flux capacitor which requires 1.21 jigawatts.

William asks…

What does Bluetooth do when you connect it to your laptop?

I just got a new laptop and I found out that I can connect it to my Bluetooth, I was just wondering what are some of the things I can do with it once it is connected to my laptop?

I'm like 99% sure it cant do this but I was wondering if once the Bluetooth is connected can I use it for internet?

dknol answers:

I'm assuming you mean to connect your phone to your laptop using a bluetooth link

bluetooth is just the name of a wireless communication technology.

Some things which are possible over a bluetooth connection: streaming audio (speakers/mics), input devices (mice), and file transfer (most common for a phone)

common things which are possible with laptop->phone: browse & download files from a device & send files to a device

for either option, the request must be verified on the device before you can do anything

to connect, set the laptop's bluetooth radio to visible, then connect to your laptop from the phone. (afterwards, you can set the laptop to hidden again)

theoretically, you could use it to browse the internet, but i do not know of any device which does. It's more common to use wireless broadband or WiFi

Robert asks…

10 points for the first person who answers properly my Bluetooth question?

I am interested to play some samples music on an internet site using a tablet /Bluetooth with a Bluetooth speaker. I know that you can select a song from your tablet & play it /hear it but can you actually play samples MP3 from a site the same way? Also how far/limit (how many feet or miles??) can the tablet & Bluetooth speaker talk to each others?

dknol answers:

Yes you can. All audio from your tablet will go to the speakers if connected with Bluetooth. The range varies with each product, and distance is increasing yearly with technology. Good luck!

Helen asks…

Can anyone recommend a bluetooth adaptor which will work with an Epson PM260 printer and Windows Vista ?

The original adaptor is apparently discontinued, but Epson have said a third party one might work. There are so many to choose from and I'm not up to speed technology wise. Can anyone offer some advice please?

dknol answers:

It is still available in the UK here is a link but its not cheap. I assume you plug it into the back of the printer to make it bluetooth capable. You also need to have a bluetooth capable PC/mobile phone of course to transfer the picks

If to are going to risk a generic bluetooth adapter then maplins do plenty for about £10 but I suspect they won't work – the printer is probably set up to work specifically with the epson Bt dongle

Paul asks…

How to connect my nokia E72 to wirless headphone ?

I have xtreme technology bluetooth stereo headsite and i don't know how to connect it to my nokia E72 . Any one can help me ??

dknol answers:

Sync it via Bluetooth settings.

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