Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Steven asks…

What would be the best Bluetooth headset for a Treo 700wx for use in a semi noisy enviroment?

I'm a cab driver, operating a Ford Freestar, which is not designed to be very quiet on the highway. I've had customers complain they cannot hear me over my cell phone. I've tried different models. I usually end up taking it off and just picking up the phone.

I've consider going back to a plug in, but the wire gets in the way of steering when the phone is setting in its cradle. If I run and extension, so that it can be plugged in above my head, I lose sound quality due to resistance from using such a long wire, unless I cab get a headset with a battery powered signal booster.

I should mention that the Bluetooth may be getting interference from the other electronics in the taxi. Aside from the DDS System for dispatch, there is the 2-way radio, my Sony laptop, two video screens, the Cabaraoke machine, and the video camera for recording the Karaoke performances for posting on the Internet.

dknol answers:

The Plantronics Voyager 510 is the best out there. It has a Lightweight design for all-day wearing comfort; Noise-Canceling microphone for clearer conversations and WindSmart provides wind-noise reduction technology for optimal sound clarity.

It also Supports Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) to help avoid interference for co-existence with Wi-Fi/WLAN. If any of those devices are on the same frequency as the bluetooth headset (such as a Wi-Fi Connection), the AFH should adjust for maximum clarity.

The price is also great. has it for $50 and has it for $41. It retails for $99.

Others may tell you that the Aliph Jaw Bone is the best but its ear loop is weak which breaks easily and the price is too expensive for my taste ($130). I have yet to find a store that sells it for less than retail.

Linda asks…

Is it safe to leave a Bluetooth dongle attached to my computer permanently?

I mean, will people be able to interfere with my PC if it's attached all the time? Please forgive my ignorance. I'm old, and find technology a boundless mystery.

dknol answers:

Technically you can but i would suggest you unplug it after use – it will save you the stress of thinking of interfernce

David asks…

how to connect bluetooth of a cell phone to laptop?

i want to connect bluetooth of my phone with my laptop but its showing that no device is found?i want to know if any other process for it?

dknol answers:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone.

Make this setting: my Phone's visibility -> Shown to all on the cell phone.

Open Bluetooth Devices by clicking on its icon in the Control Panel 2.Look for the Bluetooth driver in the Device Manager and double-click on its icon 3.Click on the Add button in Bluetooth Devices dialog box. 4.Check the box for “My devices is set up and ready to be found” in the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard dialog box. 5.Select “Let me choose my own key” or “Choose a passkey for me” and click on Next. 6.It will now display the passkey. Key this into the cell phone. Now the laptop is initiating to install the Bluetooth device. (Click Yes as you see the prompt message on the cell phone to allow connection with the laptop.) 7.Click on the Finish button to close the dialog box of Add Bluetooth Device Wizard. 8.T he Bluetooth device (the cell phone) is now displayed in Bluetooth Devices dialog box. Select the Bluetooth device and click on the Properties button 9.The Properties dialog box for the device will become visible. Choose the Services tab.
In the end you can launch the items of the cell phone. Transfer photos, videos etc to cell phone via Bluetooth technology.
Check the boxes for the services you want. 10.

Click on the Next button 5. This device wizard will display the name of the found Bluetooth device close by.

Click on the device name that you would like to add and click on Next. 6.

Maria asks…

What does it mean to connect bluetooth to another phone?

One day, someone (yes, I know him, it wasn't some stranger) took my phone & I asked ‘ What are you doing' and he said, ‘I wanna see if I can connect the bluetooth to my phone'. What does it mean?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a way for different devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. First developed by Ericsson, then formalized in 1999, it works by sending data via a secure, low-cost short-range radio frequency. Bluetooth phones, as you call them, use this technology to communicate with wireless headsets and other devices; PCs with Bluetooth can talk to printers or keyboards and mice, while handhelds can talk to each other without any wires.

Paul asks…

Do you think the whole world would build awesome unbelievable technology in less than 10 years?

I see the whole world is having more and more technology like every second. So I'm asking what you think.

dknol answers:

Yes and no. There are two sides to every coin. There are people opposed to many different types of technology for many different reasons. If research was funded for all the potentially awesome technology, then it would all happen in ten to twenty years…BUT:

Some technologies have built-in limitations that engineers and scientists are not aware of right away. At the nano-scale there has been found a built-in limitation due to the quantum nature of atomic interaction. Instead of being able to construct tiny robotic machines by simply placing atoms next to each other scientists and engineers are being forced to develop alternative methods for attaching atoms one at a time. These tiny machines must also be placed in a very clean environment with controlled conditions of interaction. The field of nano-engineering has consistently extended its projections for the developments of new applications such as nanobots that repair human or animal cells, but the promise of healing virtually any disease or creating almost any object is worth the developmental efforts and soon, within ten years, these problems will be overcome.

Another example is Artificial Intelligence or AI. When it was in its infancy, AI had been projected to achieve much greater capabilities much sooner than it has and the AI field has wound down to a very slow speed of development due to the unforeseen nature of the true complexity of problem solving. Even with 2009's powerful and fast computers AI is unable to accomplish much more than simple pre-programmed analysis, but AI does continue to grow and evolve so eventually software and hardware will be able to carry on a meaningful conversation with you while you're stuck in traffic, but probably not be able to wash your car and take out the garbage – within ten years.

The greatest technological achievements of the past four decades have been in the computer and telecommunications fields. These ever-shrinking integrated circuits and internet-connected gadgets will continue to evolve very quickly yielding itsy bitsy wideband, bluetooth earphones, cell phones and portable computers. Our society may soon have the ability to allow everyone in the world to talk to and interact with each other at any time by simply saying the other peoples' names or selecting their icons. These improvements are changing our society, but in order to even the playing field our technological innovations will need to be made available to everyone regardless of economic or social standing.

We are on the brink of defining new lines of social status that may end up causing unforeseen social instability simply because technology costs money.

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