Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

James asks…

Any way to install phone bluetooth function in 2006 Audi A6?

The car is a 2006 Audi A6 2.4. It didn't come with Navigation or Bluetooth as standard. Is there any way to possibly install the bluetooth function or iPod/ mp3 compatibility? Would updating the MMI system work?

dknol answers:

I am sure you already know that you can't do this. Since technology has improved, you can buy a bluetooth adapter.

Here's a video of what I am on about.

upgrading you MMI system in my opinion is pointless, you can do it but Audi dealers will charge you like crazy. The only good thing is that you will have an updated navigation system, since your Audi is 2006. You will be running on 2011 maps.

Adapter will probably be cheaper

John asks…

How do you use “bluetooth” to link a cellphone and a computer?

My husband just bought a new SonyEricsson camera phone, and in the instructions it says that we can use “bluetooth” to establish a link between his phone and our PC. However, we are both totally technically inept, and we can't make sense of the instructions! Can someone, in plain English and small words, tell us how to do this? We know that we have to go to the SonyEricsson website and download some software (although we don't have a direct link to the file, and we can't find it), but from there we are lost. Does something need to plug into our computer? And at what port? Do we need to buy specialized equipment? We don't even know what “bluetooth” actually is!! Please help, we are SO lost!

dknol answers:

This is an example of a bluetooth adapter for your PC:
It is usually a USB port that you use on your computer. It looks like a little rectanglular port on the back of your computer.

It is a little plugin that you insert into your PC and it allows your PC to connect to your phone wirelessly.

Bluetooth is the same as how we would use wireless connection to connect to the internet. Its a new technology that came out recently for cell phones. We can even use bluetooth ear and headsets to connect to our phone without any wires, and so you might see people walking around talking to themselves. Its confusing to see because there are no wires!

Once you connect the bluetooth PC adapter to your computer, the setup should be self explanatory.

Linda asks…

How do you download and use bluetooth?

Can someone please explain to me (step by step) how to download/install bluetooth, and how to use it? What do I need to do?
I am completely clueless,and a simple explanation will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is not a software application. It was developed in the 90s by Ericsson. It is a wireless technology for use between devices including cordless telephones. PDAs, computers and keyboards. It is made as a low cost but short range solution. In 1998 Intel, Nikia, Toshiba and IBM partnered with Ericsson to create the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Blue tooth oprates at the 2.4GHz band and uses a frequency hopping spread spectrum technology that is known and detected only by the channels receiver and transmitting devices.

Donna asks…

What in the hell is bluetooth and why is it on my palm pilot?

Um, I have a very vauge sense of this technology. Help. What can I do with it, what do I need to do anything with it. Is it really anything special?

dknol answers:

It is a wireless technology with a range of about 30 feet. It uses FHSS, which is Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology. FHSS means that it changes the frequency 1500 times per second, so that it is difficult to intercept and listen in. Many newer devices come with bluetooth built in, and it allows you to more easily connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when you are at Starbucks or Borders.

Jenny asks…

What is the role of technology in your community?

i really need help in my essay of “What is the role of technology in your community?” any ideas what i can write?

dknol answers:

I cannot hear (i'm deaf, although i hate calling myself that), technology is a huge part in my life and the deaf community. It's pretty cool how i also have the newest technology. But at the same time, it's very pricey. For instance, at school a teacher will have just a little microphone they can attach to there ear (like a Bluetooth phone thing) and what they say will show up on a laptop for me.

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