Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Richard asks…

The range and data transfer speed in case of Wi-Fi is much greater than Bluetooth. Why and How?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both works on radio waves still the range and data transfer speed in case of Wi-Fi is much greater than Bluetooth. Why and How?

dknol answers:

The wi-fi is under 802.11x protocol and operates at usually 2.4ghz to 5 ghz.
Blutooth is under 802.15x protocol and operates at all band of frequency as kind of a squelcher.

Blue tooth has different levels. Some can have very long ranges.…/on-a-practical-level-how-does-bluetooth-wireless-technology-work-in-the-nokia-bluetooth-headset-bh-208.html

Daniel asks…

can i use a regular bluetooth headset for cell phones with a ps3?

i want to buy a bluetooth headset for my iphone 3g, and i want to know if any headset can work with my ps3?

dknol answers:

Yes 100% defiantly.

Make sure it is not 10 years old thought cause it might use diffrent technology.

Donald asks…

Is the Bluetooth handsfree the same as putting it up to your ear?

A few months ago the News said that putting up to your ear causes a lot of radiation to your brain. Is that that same with bluetooth? Does it still cause radiation?

dknol answers:

Wait a while , bluetooth is coming up with the new sharktooth technology soon

Laura asks…

Is there actually some way to boost a cell signal using a Bluetooth earpiece?

I know it's probably just bull being spewed by television, but I heard that you can somehow vastly improve a cell phone signal by…doing -something- with the Bluetooth. I don't remember where I heard it or what was done (though it wasn't a documentary, unfortunately…), but I do remember it turned zero signal outside a service area into full signal.

So, my question is, can this actually be done? I mean…I really doubt it…unless you're using Energizer batteries, of course. lol

dknol answers:

No. Bluetooth technology is used to transmit radio waves over short distance of 33ft or less. Your cell service works on a completely different frequency, with a lot more power and a lot further distance.

Joseph asks…

Will my bluetooth headset work when I am also using the headset jack on my iPhone?

If I buy an 3.5mm connector to plug my iphone into my auxiliary input on my car stereo and am playing music, what happens when somebody tries to call me on my iphone? Can I still answer the phone with my bluetooth headset without disconnecting the RCA cable?

dknol answers:

You should be able to. Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology and has nothing to do with your 3.5mm jack. As long as your bluetooth headset and phone are correctly paired, you can still answer your phone from your headset while it is plugged in to auxiliary jack.

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