Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Mark asks…

Are there any bluetooth headsets made for crowded places, with a microphone closer to the mouth?

I use public transportation and spend a lot of time in crowded areas and would like to find a bluetooth headset that makes me heard louder and clearer, possibly with a microphone closer to the mouth, or if someone knows of another way that would be great too.

dknol answers:

Yes there is, however none that are closer to the mouth. What some of the Bluetooth handsets offer is Noise Cancelling Technology, thats cuts down on the background noice around you. Check this one out that I found!!!


Hope this helps and please choose me as best answer on my answers :-) –Techieguy00

Richard asks…

Is there any new laptop technology coming out soon that I should wait for?

I want to buy a new laptop but not right now, maybe in 6-9 months time. But I am wondering if there is any new technology coming out around that time. Like faster RAM (More than 1333MHz) or a new family of processors or something like that.
Any major changes? For example DDR4?

dknol answers:

Next change in DDR memory wont be until 2012, actually, so no worries there but 1600MHz DDR3 will come out of it's shell, but it is actually in existence already, just needs more people making it and more motherboard support/BIOS updates. But there are a few things that are coming out in the 3 month time frame. There was just a big change in technology recently so all of the things coming up soon are just updates to that technology, nothing really major.

Few known things:
Laptop version of nVidia's GTX 480 graphics card should come out next month, will probably be new laptop graphics king.

Intel will update their i7 quad/dual and i5 dual core processors with higher clock speeds, and the i7 quads will most likely get the features (such as the new AES encryption instructions) that the i3/i5/i7 dual core processors have. The i7 quads came out in October of last year so they missed out on a few odds and ends.

USB 3.0 will hopefully become more popular, either that or Intel's fiber optic cable tech will.

BlueTooth 3.0

SSD drives will increase in size, speed, and capacity and decrease in cost. Tomorrow, the 26th, ASUS is going to announce a new SSD that will be sold and come in their ASUS G73Jh gaming laptop. SSD's are the future of storage, they require a fraction of the power, and have incredible speed advantages over traditional drives. Hard drive sizes for traditional drives will probably also go up, though there were numerous increases recently.

BluRay players will be cheaper, more models will come with it as a standard.

Better screens will be more popular. Higher resolutions will be standard since processing power will go up.

Hopefully we'll even have OLED screens by 9 months from now. They're a bit over-due in the laptop department but they're moving along. Might not happen though, as Samsung's 5.5 gen OLED plant wont be fully up and running until late 2011, and they're the big player in the OLED market.

And, as always: thinner, lighter, more battery life.

So as you can see there's always new stuff around the corner, some things we can predict to be next month, some next year, and other things are just gradual installments of ever increasing improvements. But, as I said before, nothing that is overly major.

Donna asks…

Does a cordless home telephone exists that incorporates multiple cell phones via bluetooth?

I do not think it exists yet (though Panasonic has come close), but perhaps I am wrong. I was looking to see if a cordless home telephone yet existed that allowed not only a landline connection for regular telephone use, but also bluetooth connections simultaneously to multiple cellular telephones.

From a practical standpoint, this would allow a home telephone, and also allow family members to leave their cell phones (likely near the base I would assume) and also allow their cellular telephones to ring on the house telephone.

Also–I do imagine this exists with business systems, that are likely very expensive. My question is really whether residential versions have been developed yet.

dknol answers:

Yes, there is….Uniden!!!

Use your cell phone minutes on your land line? Now you can with the feature-loaded Uniden ELBT595 5.8 GHz 1-Line Digital Expandable Phone with Bluetooth® capability! In addition to allowing you to make crystal-clear cordless land-line calls throughout your home or office, the Uniden ELBT595 also lets you link your Bluetooth cell phone with its base station and use the handset to tap into your cell phone minutes! This amazing system also lets you pair your wireless Bluetooth headset to the handset for hands-free convenience.

* Expandable up to 10 handsets — allows you to have multiple cordless handsets wherever you need them using a single phone jack!
* Bluetooth® compatible — lets you communicate with either a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and/or wireless headset.
* Digital answering system — utilizes microchip technology to ensure clearer recordings and longer life.
* Caller ID*/Call Waiting Deluxe — includes distinctive Caller ID indicators, recordable/pre-set customer ringers and downloadable/pre-set picture displays.
* 100 Caller ID/100 phonebook names/400 numbers — allows you to store up to 100 Caller ID numbers plus up to 100 names and 400 numbers in the handset, with such advanced options as alpha sort, group sort, and multiple numbers per name.
* USB connector with downloadable software included — lets you use your PC to edit your phonebook, upload photos and ring tones, download schedule reminders, and even import contacts from Microsoft® Outlook®.
* Plus — includes 20 pre-set ring tones, handset-to-handset memory transfer, handset mute & hold functions, last 20 number redial, DirectLink™ Mode for 2-way radio communication between handsets, and more.

Also, check has a sale on them!!!

Nancy asks…

I need help on choosing a phone that fits me?

Actually I like phones that has a high memory, can play good music, has a good camera, has a part in which I can place accessories on it, I can customize its message alert tone (like mp3 format alerts), it can view documents (optional), and aside from the basic specs I like the phone to be USB connected and have a bluetooth technology……

And I do hope that it's a phone from Samsung or Sony Ericsson.

Hope that information helps….. :)

dknol answers:

Try the Sony Ericsson W580i. It comes with a very small memory stick with a high memory capacity, however the website doesn't say how much exactly it is. The W in the name means it has a walkman mp3 player built in. It has a 2 mp camera, which is better than most comparable phones, which have a 1.3 mp. You can customize basically everything. It has bluetooth technology, and tons of other great, amazing, original features. You can create your own ringtones using different sound patterns, use the fitness applications including pedometer, and it has a built in fm radio!

Laura asks…

How is the bluetooth and WiFi feature in the PS3 used?

Does the Six axis controller also have bluetooth? Does the X-box 360 have these features

dknol answers:

Yes, the PS3 controller is a bluetooth controller. Really the whole PS3 system is bluetooth captible, that means that if you have a bluetooth wireless keyboard, or bluetooth wireless headset you could connect all of those devices wirelessly and use them all at the same time if you wanted to.

WiFi is used to connect to the Internet Wirelessly. The Xbox 360 does not use Bluetooth technology or has built in WiFi. If you want to use WiFi with the 360, you would need to purchase something separatley to allow you to do so, and I think that it costs around $100 dollars. Basically, with the PS3 you get more for your money and everything you need comes built in.

Also, just in case you don't know, you can surf the web with the PS3, and yes you can check your Yahoo email with the PS3, shop on Ebay, or visit any webpage you want! The Xbox 360 cannot to that either.

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