Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Robert asks…

What is Bluetooth, in terms an “electronically challenged” person can understand???

I've got a PDA that apparently can be “Bluetooth enabled,” and I think my cellphone has that option too. I'm considering purchasing the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, too, which can be used with either wifi or bluetooth. Can someone tell me in simple terms what this all means, and how one “enables” something that can be Bluetooth enabled?

dknol answers:

Two links to help explain just what ‘Bluetooth' is:

Even being a technoid, I just don't care enough about Bluetooth to be impressed with it. It's more a gadget freak's wantum list than anything I've found useful. But basically, Bluetooth technology seems to be a protocol standard for security in wireless communications between devices within an extremely limited range.

Wifi is another security protocol, something to do with 801 standards, or some such, and range is a little wider.

Richard asks…

Where can I find a good information technology consultant in los angeles?

I want to know aoout wifi, bluetooth, and cellular communication. Online doesn't have the information I seek. I need a professional.

dknol answers:

Http:// is a consulting firm in the los angeles area.

More results:

Let me know if this helps,

David asks…

Is there a cell phone with a bluetooth range of more than 10 meters?

Can a cellphone have a bluetooth capacity of, like, 100m? Or is that range available only with dongles? If so, are there ways to extend the range of the 10-m bluetooth capacity in cell phones, like amplifiers or something?
A follow-up question: is there an ongoing research or development for extending bluetooth range in cell phones? If there is, please cite your references. I need them for a thesis project in school…

dknol answers:

Actually the Motorola V195 sold by TMobile has bluetooth technology that works up to 300 feet! Check it out I'm not lying

Susan asks…

How to establish connection between my cell phone and computer via INFRARED or BLUETOOTH?

I want to send games, ringtones, wallpapers and themes from my computer to cell phone. But my computer is not responding to my cell phone`s waves. Please suggest how to make this connection possible. It can be either trough BLUETOOTH or INFRARED.

dknol answers:

Um first of all has ur computer got bluetooth technology built in?
If not u can buy a device that plugs into the usb port.
If u do have this u might have to activate it

Betty asks…

Where can I find a list of bluetooth compatible computers, or a list of the types of computers that support it

I need to know as many computers, or at least types of computers, that are bluetooth compatible. Also I'd like to know the printers that have bluetooth compatibility. If someone could tell me or link me to a website that could give me this information it would be appreciated.

dknol answers:

All computers with Windos XP and newer, have the drivers for bluetooth devices.
As for printers, since Bluetooth technology is becoming so popular and standard many printer manufacturers are beginning to include Bluetooth support in newer printer models. This option will be detailed under the connectivity section in the product label.

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