Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Susan asks…

I am upgrading my cell phone. Can I transfer phone #s, pics and ring tones from one phone to the other?

Both old and new cell phones are of LG brand(LG-8100, LG-8700), both have Bluetooth technology.

dknol answers:

If u have verizon u can download the back assistant (1.99/month, they told me it says tht but they dont charge u so idk.) and it transfers #'s. Pics. If u have a memory card just move them to the the cardand then u have them. If u have any company exept verizon (i think) u can bluetooth the ringtones. If u have verizon with the ringtones.. I dont think u can.

Helen asks…

How to get your car's radio controls to change the songs on your Ipod that is hooked up via bluetooth?

My car's radio controls stopped working with my bluetooth audio connection. It used to let me change the songs using the channel changer on my steering wheel but now it's not. Is there anyway to fix this?
I drive a 2010 Suzuki Kizashi.

dknol answers:

Hi, questionable –

If you're driving a Ford vehicle, I recommend resetting your system. Although, it will restore the settings to factory defaults, it should help with the issue you're experiencing.

Here are the instructions for all radio styles:

SYNC and SYNC with MyFord:

SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation:

SYNC with MyFord Touch:

For additional questions, contact our In-Vehicle Technology Team at: 800-392-FORD (prompts 1 & 3). They're available Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. & Sunday, 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET.

In-Vehicle Technology Team

George asks…

Is this a decent price for this laptop?

What I am looking on picking up is the,
Acer Aspire V3 15.6″ Windows 8 Intel Core i3-2328M 6GB RAM 750GB HDD Laptop

Product Features
The full-featured Aspire V3 Series laptop comes loaded with:
Intel Core i3-2328M processor and 6GB RAM
750GB hard drive
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology
Preloaded Windows 8 64-bit
HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and memory card connectivity options

Is this overall good for $429 ?

dknol answers:

Yes but; Amd A Series give you more graphics ( Quadcore to be exact) Amd A8 4500M, 8GB DDR3, 750gb HDD 429

Thomas asks…

What are some unobvious examples of technology that we have at home or in schools?

Giving a presentation on technology to some year 8s, just wanted to give them some unobvious examples of technology that they would have in their house, I know there is loads I'm just seriously too tired to think, its been a long day. Thanks.

dknol answers:

I was at a symposium where we were discussing various wireless devices and the speaker asked the audience to guess, or count up, how many wireless devices they had on their person. Cell phone is obvious, but then start thinking about bluetooth attachments, keyless remotes for vehicles (not too many year 8s will have one, but they know what it is I'm sure), entry badges, garage door openers, etc. And these are just the ones that can fit in your pocket. Of course wireless is just one aspect of technology, but a prevalent one these days.

Jenny asks…

How come the bluetooth on my phone doesn't work?

It's a Kyocera Strobe & when I try to push objects through bluetooth it does absolutely nothing. All it does is take me back to my list of people I have connected. Help?
Apparantly, MetroPCS has blocked the file transfer on the Strobe. What kinda bullshit is this??

dknol answers:

Not all bluetooth technologies are the same..the samsung and the motorola are not compatible for instance.

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