Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Lisa asks…

Why is my logitech mx5500 keyboard and mouse dropping out?

It appears that every time my computer goes into a screensaver, the mouse and keyboard have to be reconnected. Is this just a flaw with bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

This is common in older OS like XP, where the hardware peripherals are disconnected everytime your PC goes to hibernate or standby. Try to check if there are driver updates for your hardware. Also, I believe this is normal, because your Bluetooth and USB will be shutoff if your PC goes to standby. But you can disable the turning off of your hardware by going to Start > Control Panel > Power Options, change the power option NOT to turn off CPU or lengthen the time to say, 20 minutes or 30 minutes before it shuts off your CPU.

Joseph asks…

I have a nokia 6270 cellphone and a hp 6725 laptop,which model of blutooth headphone is compatible with both?

6725 hp laptop has built-in bluetooth technology, the headphone or headset should be in lightest and smallest condition and good to listen and enjoy music.

dknol answers:

Well try Motorola Or Jabra ! Both of them are good and are usually compatible with all the laptops and mobile Phones !!

Lizzie asks…

How can i upload videos to my email from my phone?

I have a video of my sister's concert on my new LG EnV2 and I want to send it to my grandmother's email address.

However, i can't send a video message because the video is longer (79 seconds) than 30 seconds.

Has anyone had this problem? Does Verizon have any software that i can buy yo help upload it to my computer?

Can the bluetooth technology help me at all?

dknol answers:

Make sure that your video is in the right format–MP4 for youtube. You should use leawo video to flv converter to convert your video to mp4 or flv before you upload video to video sharing websites have a try

Mark asks…

How do I get my Kindle Fire keyboard to work?

I just bought a fake leather keyboard/case for my kindle fire HD 8.9. It does NOT have bluetooth technology like most do. It is ONLY a micro USB. So, I plugged it in and nothing. It has three little LED lights at the top that don't light up and the Kindle does not charge it. It doesn't come with a charger, or a spot to charge it. I even looked around on the internet and on the device. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TURN THE THING ON!!! I tried contacting the seller and they just offered me money back. I just want to know how to turn it on!!!!!!!!

dknol answers:

As the name implies, you need to kindle the keyboard in a fire for it to work, Same thing works with my penis.

Betty asks…

How do I disable the tap to click feature on my Acer Aspire 4730Z's touchpad?

It used to be disabled, and I seem to recall it was as simple as just unchecking a box to disable it when I first got my laptop. A while back however, I updated my mouse driver from the device manager, and while I didn't think anything of it then, I realized more recently that this entirely defaulted the settings on my touchpad to the point where I can't even scroll with the touchpad either anymore. I couldn't find the settings for the touchpad anywhere under mouse settings after this, and it only allows me to select wired and bluetooth mouses under “connected device” in mouse settings.

I went ahead and installed the touchpad driver from the Acer support site thinking this might solve the issue, and while it did add some options for the touchpad, the only thing it really allows me to customize are what the left and right click do. Normally I'd just deal with this issue, but the touchpad is so sensitive that even just barely touching it for a split second counts as a click, resulting in unwanted link clicking and so forth, and it's really beginning to aggravate me. Anyone have any clue as to how to help?

Additional Information that may help find out the issue:
-When I open mouse settings, it always warns me that “Some mouse settings might not work until you connect a Microsoft mouse to a USB port on your computer or set up a Microsoft mouse that uses Bluetooth technology.”

-The mouse settings display the words “Microsoft Intellipoint” in the corner of every settings page other than the ones the driver added.

-When I originally downloaded the driver, I manually went in and installed all the applications named “Setup” (except under the x64 folders since I run a 32-bit windows vista operating system), since it gave me a compressed .zip file and I wasn't entirely sure how to install the driver once I extracted the contents of the .zip. I also did not right click on them and choose to run them as an administrator. It did add some options, just not the ones I want.

-When the above didn't give me options for disabling the tap to click, I recently went into the device manager and selected to “Update Driver Software…” and “Browse for driver software on your computer” and selected for it to look in the uncompressed folder that I had downloaded from Acer Support and extracted to my desktop, but I was told I had the most recent drivers already installed.

-In hopes trying something else would work after the above also didn't, I selected to “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” and installed two of the four options (Both of which were named “Synaptics PS/2 Port Pointing Device.” The other two were “PS/2 Compatible Mouse” and “Alps Pointing-Device.” It allowed me to install both, but I restarted after this and nothing changed.

Please help if you can.

dknol answers:

Ok so i have windows 7 home premium and the way you do it here is yo go to: Control PanelHardware and Soundmouse then on the mouse properties window you go to device settings tab(all the way to the right the one with the logo on it) then click settings another window pops up and on that one you go to tapping and there you go

you can also adjust sensitivity under pointin
hope this helps you


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