WPCentral: How to use Zune Pass on-the-go in Windows Phone 7

Microsoft did a great job of hiding the Zune Pass option to download songs for free on your device. Here we show you how it's done.

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21 Responses to WPCentral: How to use Zune Pass on-the-go in Windows Phone 7

  1. abdekadeur said says:

    I downloaded application xap on pc, but the problem is that I can’t? install it in my windows phone because I don’t have winrar program

    can anyone help me fix this

  2. ace eggerson says:

    thanks for the? vid!

  3. Stephen Delingpole says:

    I’ve just signed up for the 14 day free trial on the pc, do you have any idea how to register? the phone for it? Cause its still streaming only 30 second previews. Hope you can help, much appreciated

  4. James Love says:

    Nope? you can’t.

  5. mcrfuse says:

    I? have zune marketplace :( you can’t search for songs……..

  6. NPJS00 says:

    Can you buy apps and games with? microsoft points on your windows phone??

  7. MegaTeufik says:

    can it for 7.5 mango?

  8. cryptidman117 says:

    its not letting me do this?

  9. groMMit1981 says:

    great, so get zune pass and the 10 monthly song? deal available in the UK and I’m in.

  10. Jack Musick says:

    I’ll be buying Zune Pass now? for sure.

  11. Brett Daniels says:

    if you don’t want to use your data plan to listen to music then you have to download it silly so you can listen? to it off line.

  12. Kim Jong-un says:

    HAHAHA it’s for sure? that they did hide that option. Thanks mate. I’m getting zune pass.

  13. Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    that is a very good? hind thanks

  14. eddy zapata says:

    thanks bro..?

  15. Alex Galgut says:

    Thanks for making the video to explain this to people who are new to the OS, but it’s really not that hard; if you can’t see the option you want, press and hold. That’s the theme all the way through the OS, you can’t have been using it very long at all if it took you ages to figure? out how to do this.

  16. LukeBoberg says:

    maxeluria is wrong, you can download as many songs as you want to your computer ( I have dl’d a little over 30 albums so far ) Just to keep them on your computer you have to keep your registration going. On top of being able to have any song you want, If you ever decided to canx your sub, you? get to keep 10 free songs a month so basicly you paid only $4 a month. WAAY better than ITunes.

  17. maxeluria says:

    You? don’t get it “free”, you get 10 free downloads every month. After 10 you have to pay them to be downloaded to your computer or phone. You can only stream them in your phone without paying for the song, because you have the zune pass.

  18. stuntm4nm1ke says:

    thanks? man

  19. disturbedfacade says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just couldn’t? figure out what was wrong when I though it was making me buy songs I should be able to download for free.

  20. Cristian Ojeda says:

    does your music like go away after your? zune pazz expires?

  21. MastCrasher says:

    You don’t have to download it to play it. You can also click the Arrow (play button basically) and it’ll start streaming the? song to play it.

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