World of Warcraft MoP Patch 5.2

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25 Responses to World of Warcraft MoP Patch 5.2

  1. TopLevelTeam says:

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  2. SpiderMonkey339 says:

    I agree with that they had been way to op for 5.1

  3. Fr0stBytes says:

    I love this patch, I love the art and the environment, I’m once again emerged? in the World of Warcraft

  4. Fr0stBytes says:

    they need a break?

  5. Vei Slabi says:

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  6. jacob strandberg says:

    that is a good patch?

  7. David F says:

    hmmm , have they removed? any servers yet owens if u still play add my skype boogiexx1

  8. SuperNoobzProduction says:

    dont think? so m8

  9. SpiderMonkey339 says:

    Dang, mages aren’t very? loved this patch

  10. Trancheetor says:

    Great detail in short time?

  11. skudzer1985 says:

    Man you gotta start displaying your helmet, that hair line is gettin pretty high.?

  12. orestis giannis says:

    Awesome Video? johnsju!

  13. David F says:

    People still play wow o.O? didnt that game die after 4. somthing? i hear its down from 11k subs to 9 mill, which is a huge loss, time? to move on

  14. CarelianSatanicWolf says:

    I might be able to take? you seriously if you got rid of that ridiculous haircut.

  15. GappK1ds says:

    Sweet video swifty i really? learned alot!

  16. Sunny Soulfire says:

    the only thing you? need to change is your hair

  17. Sunny Soulfire says:

    Swifty if we do something gay? together, it won’t be gay. Okay?

  18. SV Nostalgi says:

    Serch ” World of Warcraft? Lottery 2years prepaid “on youtube
    EU servers only.

  19. Praystation1993 says:

    Removing blank silence isnt? balancing the game

  20. Jason BZX says:

    So looking forward to it?

  21. jackj0833 says:

    Aztec dino!!?

  22. KittyhWoW says:

    When is? 5.3 Patch Notes coming?:)

  23. Stephen bish says:

    Go? DKs

  24. Lucas00166 says:


  25. Mark Yanovskiy says:

    Nice? to see one channel which summaries whole patch:)

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