Unboxing iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Product Red)

Have you guys ever wondered what the iPod Touch 5th generaation looks like and what it comes with when you purchased it? Have you also wondered what the iPod…

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25 Responses to Unboxing iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Product Red)

  1. benicellguy says:

    Thank you! Really appreciate? it.

  2. androidtech2234 says:

    Awsome video I subscribed cuz of this?

  3. benicellguy says:

    You do know this video was posted a few? months ago, right?

  4. benicellguy says:

    Dude, this video was? posted a few months ago.

  5. Ricardo Pires-Monteiro says:

    My? nigga cut ur nails

  6. Layne250 says:

    I’ve seen this video like 14X. Dude, cut? your nails.

  7. benicellguy says:

    I did say? earpods.

  8. hisham sanjakly says:

    Imean ear? pods

  9. hisham sanjakly says:

    There? called earvpods

  10. BWproductions says:

    me too?

  11. LuckyLukasLoLFace says:

    WHAT!? AND THE OTHER COLOURS DON’T!?!?? you fail Apple!

  12. Alex Creed says:

    I have one? too mines black check out my channel Alex Creed & AlexCreedStudios

  13. Michael Alemania says:

    Lucky To? Have 1 :)

  14. rahat ali says:

    Wyy is red? the speacial

  15. Ryan Fitzsimmons says:

    I have 3rd gen not? 5th

  16. Ryan Fitzsimmons says:

    I wish I? had 1

  17. nayeli de leon says:

    i? am maybe getting a pink one or white

  18. Edward Gutierrez says:

    Man I want iPod 5?

  19. firespit911 says:

    No u can get it? on many websites

  20. yo mama says:

    its not hard to? find yu can only get it on the apple website

  21. Tom William says:

    Where did u get ur ipod cuz I heard the product red is hard to? find

  22. benicellguy says:

    Yeah. Plus it’s my favorite color and I love the look of the Product? Red.

  23. lumping troller says:

    The product red is neat because half of? the money goes to help Africa

  24. Kajana M Mahendran says:

    U? never knew

  25. Kajana M Mahendran says:

    Oh then sorry?

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