TUTORIAL: How to transfer media from WP7/WP8/ZUNE to your computer/hard drive/itunes!

Did you ever want to transfer music and pictures from Zune to your hard drive? Switching to a new phone or need to save some data? This tutorial will show yo…

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25 Responses to TUTORIAL: How to transfer media from WP7/WP8/ZUNE to your computer/hard drive/itunes!

  1. Luke Whittingham says:

    Thanks man?

  2. Truman Green says:

    How do I upload music to my ps3? from my Samsung focus

  3. 3601SecOnds1withBean says:

    One big thanks to you! :)

  4. Kasy Delrio says:

    bro thank u for that video very very helpful, now i don’t have to deal with wp7 no more. i hate wp7. any idea on how? to reformat a micro sdcard back from wp7 so i can use it in another device, and thank you

  5. Arun Gopalan says:

    Thanks Man.? This video helped.

  6. Arun Gopalan says:

    Use the same method mentioned in this video. Videos will be transferred to the Pictures folder in? your computer.

  7. 323LAKERS213 says:

    Life? saver bro!

  8. ville valkama says:

    Zune fucking sucks..? I hate windows phones..

  9. ville valkama says:

    Don’t? blame Nokia blame Windows Phone

  10. boris0989626800 says:

    Nokia Lumia is stupidest? mobile phone !

  11. lg0199 says:

    can you delete all the music on the? zune thing like i want new music i dont want so sync alll music, so i just want the music i have

  12. MrElvisr27 says:

    what about the? videos…………………….

  13. Carol JeanLouis says:

    what if the zune is not detected?? it would not even show up as a device? at all….??? i bought a new zune usb…

  14. hani marzouk says:

    hats of?

  15. Brenda Yates says:

    yay? you are awesome!

  16. Bowe Wall says:

    I have an iphone and I want to know how to transfer my songs on my? zune music pass to iTunes

  17. Grady BUFFALOE JR says:


  18. Yiting Liang says:

    ThankYou? soooooo much! :D

  19. rhymeforever says:

    Thank? you, sir!

  20. bin yamine says:

    can? i know how to transfer videos? because u didnt show in that video.. thanks

  21. Locutz M says:

    this is a great? tutorial i was really confused am new to the windows phone genre

  22. DemonHakz says:

    Can you possibly tell me why when I click on “copy to my collection” the percentage says? 0% for a couple of seconds and then all of a sudden stops and I only have a couple songs copied in my collection in a weird, unplayable format?

  23. kmablaza says:

    Thank you!?

  24. Xena T says:

    you’re a life saviour ?

  25. Matthew Simpson says:

    Wish they would make things more simple… Thanks m8? helped a lot

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