The Captain’s Wife’s Lament (World of Warcraft Machinima)

Click above to see Mike Booth's I Feel Fantastic World of Warcraft Machinima! The Captain's Wife's Lament (World of Warcraft Machinima) A celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept. 19, every year). The Captain's Wife's Lament is Paul and Storm's closing song for their live act. They get everyone into the action by having the audience call out the arrrs at the appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) times. It's a great show. The song at the end of the video is Nugget Man, another great song by Paul & Storm. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: yt:quality=high World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment UPC 020626722124 MPN 020626726191 wow spiff spiffworld jonathan coulton captains wifes lament talk like a pirate day popsci popular science magazine

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25 Responses to The Captain’s Wife’s Lament (World of Warcraft Machinima)

  1. c0nsti says:

    @chrantheman I thought that too! :D

  2. Hawtpocket22 says:


  3. patricks123321 says:

    @chrantheman Seamen* xD

  4. MethuPwnzlol says:

    O_o 1:33 nasty.. nasty gnome…

  5. RedBlueParadox says:

    … Wow, that’s all I can say, wow…

  6. KaptainKrunchmeister says:

    I c wut u did thar.

  7. KickButtUnggoy says:

    lul. did not see that coming.

  8. ForgottenMemoryLost says:

    @bigaldo123 theres a infinite way to atk a target without a mouse just keybind auto atk to any button or combonation of buttons :P

  9. staffsarge192 says:

    he he he, seamen, he he he

  10. WasiqKhan29 says:


  11. tiresome79 says:

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  12. Gogandontas07 says:

    WHAT REALLY!!!! thank you captain obvious.

  13. LegoFanatic1377 says:

    Seimen Every wheeeeeere!

  14. DarkSectorMaster says:

    funny song though if ya dont think about it well enough ya wont know what they really mean .

  15. Jezy12 says:

    LOL seamen in my underwear and seamen in my hair !!!! XD

  16. quazla90 says:

    sea men sounds like semen

  17. Jackbookowski89 says:

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  18. DieTheDeath says:

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  19. ccbug13 says:

    i loled

  20. kevynspeed says:

    one of the funniest songs i’ve heard

  21. purplemunky1 says:

    i laughed so hard! 5 stars

  22. djtoxic35K says:

    omg wtf bbq :D

    The only thing I can say know is that D:


  23. pinglauwa says:

    Lol! Nice song.. Gnome kick is best! =D

  24. CyberDuck3 says:

    1:27 BEST

  25. chrantheman says:

    Semen everywhere O_O

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