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How do You delete pictures from your ipod touch?

I downloaded a bunch of weird photos on my ipod touch. I want to know how to delete them from the ipod touch. The pictures are really freaky!!! I want them off my ipod touch.

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How Do You Get Your Mp3 Player On Myspace?

I wanna put all my songs that are on my mp3 player on my myspace and have them play randomly how do you do that?

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How Do You Delete Voice Recordings From Your Mp3 Player?

Me and my friend made some funny recordings on her mp3 player, but now we don’t know how to delete them! PLEASE HELP ME! They are kind of inappropriate, and we don’t want her mom to hear them..! Help!

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How Can You Use Speakers From A Stereo For Your Mp3 Player?

My dad has speakers that he doesnt use for his stereo. And recently my Mp3 player speaker broke. So my dad said that he would Make me a speaker from his little ones. Can Some one tell us how to … Continue reading

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What’s The Best Mp3 Player For Listening To Songs Through Your Car Stereo?

I couldn’t figure out a cheap way to be able to listen to songs from my son’s i-pod on my car radio so we’ve given up on it. Now I’m thinking about buying my own MP3 player. Are there any … Continue reading

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