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My Mp3 Player Does Not Play Mp4 Files. How Can I Get It To Play Them?

I have a Creative Muvo MP3 player. I have no problem transferring mp3 podcasts from itunes to the device. But some of the podcasts are in mp4 format and my mp3 player does not seem to recognize them. Is there … Continue reading

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How Long Does World Of Warcraft Take To Install?

I have recently downloaded the full version World of Warcraft (not the expansions) how long are the updates supposed to take?

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How Much Does Hosting A World Of Warcraft Private Server Affect System Performance?

I’m guessing it would slow the computer down considerably, depending popularity of the server, but I’m not sure. Can anyone who has hosted or is hosting a World of Warcraft private server tell me how much of a performance hit … Continue reading

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Does The World Of Warcraft Package Come With A 30-day Free Subscription?

I’m planning on buying World of Warcraft and abusing life to the limits. I was wondering if it comes with a 30-day free subscription. Answer and i’ll pick the best answer and you earn 10 points!

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How Does An Mp3 Player Work Like Buying Songs And Stuff?

I want to know how to buy songs for an mp3 player like how it works and how much it costs and what to pay with?

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