Sony® Sports MP3 Player — How to get a great fit

We want you to love your Sports MP3 Player, so let us show you how to use it and get the great fit. This is a quick introduction that will show you some grea…

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9 Responses to Sony® Sports MP3 Player — How to get a great fit

  1. John Brink says:

    My experience with the Sony Wateproof Walkman is mostly positive. Playing the playlists that I created isn’t covered in any detail anywhere that I can find. I was told I could swim in a salt water pool with the device but that’s not true. I am able to keep swimming longer without? getting board now but eventually the sound degrades as water gets into the device. It drys out with time but not as described in the videos.

  2. SonyListens says:

    Hi Bruno,

    You can see the latest line up of Sony Sport MP3 Players here:

    Here you can also read reviews other customers? have left. The model featured in this video (NWZ-W273BLUE) currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. I hope this helps! :)

    -Amanda Jeter

  3. bruno213 says:

    Hey there. I’m looking for something a lot like this, but reading online and discussing with some people I found that there still a lot of issues with this style of mp3 players. Example, the sound isn’t the best, they break easily. I wanted to know if Sony has released a newer models that has improved and maybe worked out some of the kinks. Please reply, I’m hoping to make up? my mind soon.

  4. Xavier Hudsyn says:

    Do these floats? i want? to buy them for? wakeboarding and i don’t want them to sink into the sea if i crash! thanks

  5. KoolMoeDean says:

    The music is too damn? loud to hear the guy. C’mon now.

  6. SonyListens says:

    Hi Margarida, I work for Sony Electronics Inc. here in the United States. We only provide information and support for Sony’s products manufactured for sale and use here in the U.S. I see you are located in Portugal. Please contact Sony in your country/region if you require further assistance. You may find their contact information? via;

    Best Regards,
    Scott Fuentes
    Sony Support USA

  7. Margarida Almeida says:

    i? cann

  8. SonyListens says:

    Hello Emme Leszyk,

    And good afternoon!? Our parts center might have the battery charger box available. You can reach them by calling: 800-488-7669. Hope this helps!

    -Amanda Maffei

    Sony Support USA

  9. Emme Leszyk says:

    I have the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H5 7.2 mega pixels I just got it from my aunt who does photography? and got a new camera. She didn’t give my the battery charge box can I buy one? Is there an alternitive?

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