SanDisk Sansa FUZE+ MP3 Player – Navigation using the touch pad

SanDisk's latest MP3 player, the SanDisk Sansa FUZE+, available at, incorporates a touchpad to navigate your way between tracks and playlists. Find …

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20 Responses to SanDisk Sansa FUZE+ MP3 Player – Navigation using the touch pad

  1. laurasautographs says:

    how do? I add more playlists without media player? I can’t figure it out.

  2. starwars95i says:

    I bought it and the touch pad is really glitchy on mine, I really wish? they just brought pressure buttons back.

  3. 987inuyasha says:

    it is? resistant to crash?

  4. Mike Seville says:

    hold down play/pause for? 3 sec

  5. Luis Terrazas says:

    i just wanted to know how to lock it?

  6. Rob Simpson says:

    Got the ITunes/mp3 figured out, but mp4? still eludes me. I move clips to the desktop, then to the Fuze+, but once unplugged from the USB, the Fuze doesn’t see it. Any clues?

  7. Rob Simpson says:

    Can? anyone help me play my ITunes music on this player? My Macbook seems to recognize it. The photos are fine, the podcast is fine, but music and video aren’t making the connection. Thank you for any assistance.
    Rob in Seattle

  8. RemorfChuket says:

    MPEG-4, H.264, WMV and? Flip Video

  9. Andre Jones says:

    What type of video does it play??

  10. Brendon00000 says:

    @Haole37, I actually ended up getting a sandisk clip zip from costco, they were 50% off so 8gb for $40 I couldnt? resist, I love it

  11. Haole37 says:

    this mp3 is really good i would? go with this one

  12. Brendon00000 says:

    Ive had about 20 ipods and 5 mp3 players, now its not from problems, just upgrading lol but im looking for something that doesnt use itunes and sandisk is all thats left, i dont like the clip, just the fuze should I go for the one with the click buttons? or the touchpad?

  13. Pham Phuoc Thieu says:

    helpppppppppppppppp… mine is? freezing… fvck…

  14. xzar1978 says:

    Well that helped because the fucking instructions didn’t tell me. Read the whole thing had to come here. What if you didn’t have? the internet… THAN WHAT????

  15. CrzyAsianGuy says:

    THey fixed? the issues with this touch function from the newest firmware.

  16. Yaoau says:

    stupidest design, touch control is lame and this? one is really badly design, look around for others review and saying how bad it is before you buy this

  17. FuzzyGhost says:

    It is even worse than you think. Sometimes it is able to detect touch well, but even then the thing takes a second or so to understand what you want it to do. Plus, the? thing has to load everything, every time you start it up (rather than a refresh every so often on the previous model).

  18. TheVampires16 says:

    oh great? !!!

  19. rock858965 says:

    this mp3 last for 2 year or? 3year ???

  20. policeman1313 says:

    Great, no more tactile? buttons. Now I need to look at my god damn fuze in order to use it.

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