Review – Philips GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 player – Awesome! Great iPod alternative

I got mine for about 40 US dollars on you can get more info on Philips web site. It acts like a regular USB drive and doesn…

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19 Responses to Review – Philips GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 player – Awesome! Great iPod alternative

  1. DemPlaysEurope says:

    Just? got one of theese, and i must say i love it already!

  2. Ovidiu Oprea says:

    I have to? return it because the volume is too low. I set it at maximum level but it is still way too low. I even changed its default headphones with a decent pair but it doesn’t help. I intended to use it mainly for podcasts but unless I am in a very quiet place, the player is useless. You can’t hear a thing when travelling by bus or by train, or simply on a busy street. The same goes for music. I feel I have been duped. I might as well throw it away. I just hope I can get my money back.

  3. Liza Adams says:

    Awesome, thanks so much! It was great to see what it does and doesn’t come with! My son wants his first ipod but never had anything like it before so I thought this might be a better first time player for him. Love that it comes with good accessories and I now? know I need to find a usb cable too! Thanks heaps!

  4. Fernando Ullate says:

    Apple is great esthetics but sound quality average at best. After 10 years of using iPods I’ve just bought a Philips. No regrets. Still have my iPhone and live apple computers…just feel that for the price I’m not getting quality sound. I’ve purchased every single iPod out there, hoping the sound was great…never happened.? Done spending my money

  5. jeric cordero says:

    i dont like? sound quality of apple ipod.its waste of money…philips is great sound quality..although apple is great in features or its materials..

  6. jeric cordero says:

    yes? i mean

  7. jeric cordero says:

    can be? shuffle in a folder 50 aongs 4xample

  8. corey barnes says:


  9. captainautobots says:

    Got a question about shuffle. I assume you set up folders on the device with various music files like probably all other MP3 players. I want the option to either shuffle all the songs on the device,? or only the ones in a particular folder. Does this player have that option? (i.e. I have 100 songs in 2 folders, 50 each; I want the option to shuffule through only the 50 songs in folder 2, and another option to shuffle through all 100). I figured this would be a standard option, but maybe not.

  10. lanesmerge says:

    No? Videos

  11. Gudinna Nors says:

    Can it show videos??

  12. Matthew Ighalo says:

    got mine fo? 25 quid at argos which somehow this can hold up to 900 songs but now theres one for 23 quid that can hold up to 2000 and has more memory…..

  13. Ponguig Peopinn says:

    GoGear Raga is dog-shit tier: It fails to record time correctly, you CANNOT set the time in the device.
    Result: Whenever you create FM or Audio recordings the date-stamp of the file is COMPLETELY? out of whack; you cannot even create a calibration file BECAUSE? the geniuses at Philips decided to BLOCK the device from keeping time while the device is idle.

  14. loksartre says:

    can i transfer the music with windows media player? or it only? works with songbird?

  15. thebassboy17 says:

    uhh dammit,? okay thx for info :)

  16. lanesmerge says:

    FM Radio is average not great. Station has to be real clear? to play well.

  17. thebassboy17 says:

    Is? the FM radio quality good? (on my new smartphone radio lags, so i need kinda a cheap mp3 player :) ) thx. nice review

  18. lanesmerge says:

    There is a Philips version of Songbird (an iTunes like music / media manager ) that you can download and install to sync with Philips players. I assume? that’s what these other reviewers are talking about. I don’t use Songbird because the player can operate as a straight plug and play flash drive and it works great. I haven’t tried Songbird.

  19. Aaditya Singh says:

    I have read a few reviews saying that the software on this device is pretty slow and it reacts with some delay. did u face any such problem??

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