Phoenix Mount Farm – Ashes of Al’ar – Kael’thas Sunstrider – World of Warcraft [HD]

Today Michael shows you how he farms the Phoenix mount that drop in The Eye, Tempest Keep, in Netherstorm! Kael'thas Sunstrider has the mount drop! May the A…

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25 Responses to Phoenix Mount Farm – Ashes of Al’ar – Kael’thas Sunstrider – World of Warcraft [HD]

  1. Aryn Cooke says:

    I have had trash run to the right before even when I cleared trash on left. I clear? both sides now just incase.

  2. shugo66 says:

    The pyroblast hurts like hell if you are a mage man I have 495? ilvl and almost died on him.

  3. Maxime Campe says:

    As a paladin you don’t need to do all this shizzle ;D just buble and nuke down the advisors in phase 3.? ;D

  4. UFO john says:

    His? voice is reassuring and the music :)

  5. michael hayes says:

    nice video

    just so you know everyone, the one thing that? you no longer have to do (this video is relatively old) is you dont have to run to the start of the instance, you can fight them all in the same room, you just have to use cooldowns and kill them fast when they all spawn together .

    i got my phoenix after 155 runs on 3 different toons. good luck lads

  6. alexrazz1234 says:

    Math can be fun, but in theoretical terms it will still stay the same :-)?

  7. Jack McCann says:

    This? doesn’t have to be on heroic right?

  8. SuperSpable says:

    Of? course.

  9. Steven Tobey says:


  10. Kody Yoder says:

    On one character. If? you have a complete set of 90’s then you can get it alot sooner.

  11. SuperSpable says:

    I know. I was calculating the chance of you getting the mount if you decide today that you’re going to grind that raid every week for 2 years. Since there’s a 2.04% chance of getting it on each raid, there’s a 97.94% chance of not getting it which means that after 2 years, there’s a (.9794^104)*100% chance or 11.48% of not getting it or an 88.53% chance of getting it if you grind it every? week for two years.

  12. ChosenInsanity says:

    The dropchance never increases, it stays the same, so it can take you 10 years before you get it, or it can take? you 2 weeks

  13. Lorraine Onorato says:

    I have used this guide for a few? months now and its amazing!! Well worth the money!! If you haven’t got this already its a must!
    Link to her website: tinyurl (dot) com/ndyvnf6?

  14. TheLastPersonz says:

    I flipping? knew it was an ad for Wizard101!!

  15. SuperSpable says:

    The drop chance is so low that if you raid this shit every week for 2 years, there’s still only? an 88.3% chance that you’ll get the mount. Better to just buy it from the AH

  16. ReconCrusader says:


  17. SuperSpable says:

    whoops! my? bad.

  18. heroruls says:

    yust aqwesen wat is the best clas fore solowing a old raid

  19. ReconCrusader says:

    You were? really tired huh?
    I said it was zepp1337 and then you said
    no it was zepp1337…

  20. SuperSpable says:

    no, it was zepp1337. ?

  21. I4MH4PPY says:


  22. ReconCrusader says:

    Herp? Derp
    Zepp1337 was the guy who said the spelling error.

  23. ProWrestlingExtra says:

    I used to use a strat similar to this (took 3 of the advisors to Void Reaver room and killed Telonicus at the entrance to KT’s? room) but then I got tired of doing it that way and just kill them all in KT’s room. (Bal Druid and Shadow Priest). FINALLY got my mount this past Tuesday! Then, on Wednesday night I got the Azure Drake off my solo Maly 10 run.

  24. Christian Hernandez says:

    what are ur axes called the ylook awesome

  25. Abdul Karim Karim says:

    @znudcmq yeah i totally agree!? BUT! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight –>

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