Personal Taste OST – Can’t Believe It (Piano)

played by ear, no music sheets this song is so lively, i like it very much. hope you like it too ^^ i messed up two times and had to edit … sorry sorry mp3 Download Taste OST – Can't believe it (Piano).MP3 *Tutorial is up* does anyone know a good way to record from piano to pc? i am always using my mp3 player via line-in but the sound isn't that great and sometimes scratchy …

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25 Responses to Personal Taste OST – Can’t Believe It (Piano)

  1. itachiuchiha0818 says:

    love it

  2. animaddict24 says:

    super like!! :)

  3. wildlilac042 says:

    wish i could play like you!!!!

  4. ch121s1 says:


  5. grethelbual says:

    love dis song!!!! ur so talented!!!! kip it up!!

  6. stevine2008 says:

    lovely. thanks.

  7. ariunkhuu1993 says:

    i love this drama …. ur so good.. good luck

  8. xiaoyu005 says:

    where is the copy of the chords?

  9. 06kElLiE09 says:

    omg omg i luv this “cover” XD

  10. fuyuojo says:

    the best i heard so far, the closest thing to the real one.:)

  11. shaunxsays says:

    i wish there were sheet music for this ;____;
    beautifully played by the way (:

  12. p3sky96 says:

    oh I love you :X

  13. orangesoulreaper says:

    ya nodame and personal taste is similar! <3 them both ^^

  14. jernieann says:

    likeeey! I love Personal Taste Korean Drama :)

  15. hillaryfarah says:

    you should watch nodame cantabile :)

  16. glitzerela says:

    You play very nice, beautiful sound..

  17. kickmyairs says:

    sooo cool.. i’m gonna learn how to play this too :] thanks for the post.. u play so good :]

  18. dilladillaful says:

    can you tell me the chords please ^^ you play well~

  19. jeje2419 says:


  20. lannalor says:

    can you upload this song step by step for me to play it?? pretty please!!!!!! :)) i really wanna play it!!

  21. arnaleth says:

    SUPERLIKE!!! you’re awesome!!! love it….your hands was so graceful while playing…i really love PERSONAL PREFERENCE….so good joob!! hehehehe…keep it up =]

  22. jannesaJMidol says:

    supeeeeeeeeeeeeeer like!

  23. luvlycloey says:

    @amaiduckie if you watch the tutorial you will see :)

  24. azianoj002 says:

    can you make a tutorial plzzz…

  25. amaiduckie says:

    i was wondering if you could let me know the chords for the LH? ^^ thanks!!

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