PCMag: Zune HD vs. iPod touch

For full reviews of both players, check out PCMag.com.

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25 Responses to PCMag: Zune HD vs. iPod touch

  1. zzL0RDEnglish says:

    MS Zune? is dead

  2. Ograws says:

    gotta? give him credit he knows his stuff and has very valid points

  3. Kerwin George says:


  4. totallyuntested says:

    Look guys apple is Microsoft x Infinity so get over it that Microsoft? came out with the Xbox or should I say gay box

  5. Alan Galan says:

    @Jacob Lauritzen you’re a freakin moron. Google maps can be on an iPod too. Zune HD doesn’t even have maps either. Gosh,? the stupidity of some peopel…

  6. Jacob Lauritzen says:

    have you seen? apple maps? case closed.

  7. Alan Galan says:

    What a valid? argument…

  8. Jacob Lauritzen says:

    but the ipod is made by apple and? apple is a pretty shitty company. they have lost my support.

  9. Cheesegrinds2 says:

    When the? top comments are all by the same person.

  10. UrbanFlow51 says:

    I barely use my ipod for anything other than? music, so I’m probably just going to get a Zune since I hate Apple and I’m a Microsoft fanboy (XBOX FTW).

  11. Martin Perez says:

    IF you want something that focuses more on music than anything else and looks great go for the zune. if you don’t have any other touch device with android or apple then go for? an android device.

  12. maazartist2011gmail says:

    I think ipod would be better probably. But microsoft owns at pc, phones.? Nokia 920 ftw. Win8 same. And tablet. Surface!

  13. thesuperinsano says:

    Good to know. ?

  14. Ray Krislianggi says:

    We wouldn’t know what it would be like under the supervision of? that retarded Ballmer. You’re predicting something that’s already dead, I find that ridiculous.

  15. thesuperinsano says:

    Yes (sigh) I realize this. That is why I said WOULD BE LIKE. My god you people are so? brainless.

  16. Locoramirez4 says:

    I? have an iPod but I got bored of it should I get a zune or get something else?

  17. Ray Krislianggi says:

    Microsoft? failed at marketing it and now it’s DEAD. Period.

  18. Alan Galan says:

    @spiritbuu you don’t NEED to jailbreak it in order to have a good experience. It just gives you cool hacks and free games that other devices still? don’t have either.

  19. spiritbuu says:

    LoL, buy a brand new product so you could jailbreak it in order to enable it to? have features other products already have, lmao

  20. Alan Galan says:

    @TheDrunkenPopTart Then why is it being compared to the iPod touch you idiot? If the zune is good for only music, and the iPod is far superior for everything else, them why is it even being compared? I only said that cause there’s ignorant people? saying how the Zune is far superior device which is obviously not true except for the music. I was just trying to clarify that to the fanboys who think their Zune is so great.

  21. TheDrunkenPopTart says:

    ummm, exactly?? The zune hds music performance far outplays anything apple has made. It wasn’t meant to play games and watch videos you idiot.

  22. John Smith says:

    Well, I agree. The iPod is a lot better for everything that isn’t listening to music. I bought my Zune HD for the chief purpose of listening to music, though. I must say, though the iPod has a [much] more extensive range of uses, the Zune produces far superior sound quality. I listen to my MP4s through Bose QC15 earphones, and the sound is very impressive. Once again, the iPod does serve a wider range of customers, but for those who just listen? to music, the Zune is the superior device.

  23. Alan Galan says:

    @086ANGELO? ok but with the iPod you conveniently have access to the Internet, apps(that aren’t just games btw), and music all in one small device

  24. 086ANGELO says:

    will for me if i want music i use zune and if want to play games i use? my xbox or ipod and if i want to use the internant i use the computer

  25. KelferMookie says:

    Does anyone know if you can you add music directly to the zune without using a program ? Cause I have an ipod touch and I HATE itunes, it’s annoying and it makes my computer freeze, and it’s slow… I just want? to drag my files to my player.

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